Friday, 21 August 2015

This Is My Idea Of The Perfect Family Room

When your family is growing, quality time together can get harder to find. Not only is the time in short supply, but getting everyone together to enjoy the same activities is tough too. Lots of families are enjoying the benefits of a having a family room in their home. This is a casual, den-like space that is all about relaxing and having fun together as a family.

When it comes to creating the ultimate family room, there are several things you need to consider. Comfort is essential. It’s the place where you can all lounge about and not worry about anything.

You can throw in some suede Comfy Sacks instead of formal seating. You might even have all your games consoles and equipment in here. This is usually the room where you can make a mess, and even have a pajama day without worrying what the world thinks.

Lighting in here might be more fun. Things like fairy lights make a family room a lot more casual and relaxed. The room might double up as a movie room. Some blackout blinds or curtains will help you immerse yourselves into the film.

Family rooms are often carpeted for comfort. As the most informal room in the house, you might have a large low-level coffee table for popcorn and drinks. You might even have a drinks cooler in the corner.

It’s worth investing in a good sideboard to store all your family games and console controllers. You might have packs of cards and board games stored in there. Perhaps your family are avid readers. You could put up some shelves around the room to store all your books like a mini library. If digital editions are more your thing, why not arrange the furniture to keep the charging sockets to hand?

If this room doesn’t have a good WiFi signal, you can invest in a booster to bring your connection back up to speed. That way you can enjoy the internet from your Smart TV, your smartphones, and even your tablets. Everyone in the room may be doing something different, but at least you are all together.

In winter, it can be nice to snuggle down under a blanket. Why not keep some throws handy in the room for a lazy night in? That way you’ll be able to snuggle down and cuddle up with those you love while you watch the movie.

Family rooms can be quite active too, especially with a Wii board or dance mat. Try to keep some floor space clear so everyone can get up and have a go. It’s a fun way to spend time with the family. You might even enjoy keeping fit this way!

The family room can be a great space for quality time with your loved ones. You don’t need to keep the decor up to date, or even keep the room tidy. This space is just for the family, not for entertaining guests. Younger kids might have a box of toys in here, and the older ones could have a gaming chair. It’s all good fun, no matter what you do together.

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