Wednesday, 2 September 2015

3 Ways Your Home Is Damaging The Environment

We all think we are environmentally conscious; but are we? The simple fact is that the very homes we live in have many little things that can contribute to problems for the earth. Add them all up, and it’s a significant issue. I thought I would put together a list of some of the most common problems - why not see if you can do something about them in your home?


Waste is an enormous challenge for those embracing the greener living cause. Simply because, as a species, we produce far too much of it. We throw out far too much food because it’s out of date, and we all use way too many plastics, often throwing them away, so they contribute with landfill.

So, have a think about how much you throw away. Although we are making changes with recycling, is it enough? Why not try and buy less food and make sure you use it all? And when you throw it away, put it in a composter instead? Also, avoid buying anything with plastic packaging if you can, and if you do, make sure it is fully recyclable.

Plumbing issues

Unfortunately, most of us have no idea of the standard of plumbing that lies behind our walls. And, if we have a problem such as a leak, it can be a long time before we even notice. Now, all that water damage can be expensive to make right. But also, it can add to pollution. For example, your plumbing may not be attached to your sewer service properly. That means that all the chemicals you use for cleaning could be causing issues for your local rivers, your garden soil, and much more. Think about having a plumber come and visit your home to see if you are all OK.

It’s also a good idea to have someone on speed dial in case you get a plumbing issue out of hours. The All-Tex 24 hour plumber service recommends that you find someone who can come out at any time. Why? Because, as any plumber will tell you; leaks, floods and drainage issues don’t always happen in office hours!

Fuel and heating

Are your home heating appliances working as well as they should+? If so, they are likely to be contributing to your carbon footprint. If you don’t have your appliances maintained often, they won’t work as well as they should. That means that they use more fuel, meaning higher bills and more carbon in the atmosphere.

Also, you may have heard a rumour that leaving your heating on all day is more efficient than turning it on and off when you need it. Don’t believe it for a second. While there is evidence that it can be more efficient, it’s only in the cases of a home that is already energy efficient. So, unless you can afford to have triple glazing installed and full insulation in your loft and walls, it’s just not worth it. And, let’s be honest, you will be doing far more for the environment if you just wear warmer clothes!

I hope that’s helped - let me know if you have any more great tips for greener living.

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