Tuesday, 29 September 2015

All You Need To Know About Open Kitchens In The Home

Many people are switching to open kitchens because they’re in right now. This piece will tell you all you need to know about them, from the biggest considerations to the benefits.

So, you’re thinking about having an open kitchen, but what do you have to consider? Have a read below for the two main concerns:

Is It Possible?

The most important concern will be whether or not you can have an open kitchen in your home. You’ll have to get someone in to survey your house and see if certain walls can be knocked down. If one of the walls you want to knock down is load bearing, then it may not be possible. Check that it’s possible for you to have an open kitchen before you think about the design.

Getting The Style Right

Another important consideration when designing an open kitchen, is getting the style right. You have to make sure that it blends in with the rooms around it. If you have a rustic style kitchen, that opens up into a modern living area/dining room, it will look a bit odd. You can’t have lots of hardwood themes in the kitchen, then a modern steel dining room table. It just not going to mix well as it will appear disjointed.

So, you have to design a kitchen to fit with the themes in the other rooms. Have a look at the dining room or living area, try and transfer its style over to your kitchen. If you can make them blend seamlessly, then you’ve done a fantastic job.

You’ve seen what the biggest considerations are when designing an open kitchen, but what about the benefits? Why do people choose open kitchens, as opposed to closed ones? Just what makes them so special? I’ve got a few things listed below that I think are the best things about open kitchens:

The Space

With an open kitchen, you’ll have a lot more space than you would in a closed one. You won’t feel cramped or like there isn’t enough room to put things. You can move around far more freely, and it makes cooking a whole lot easier. Plus, it means you can have more than one person in the kitchen at a time, so you get to bring a little helper in if you want!

The Smell

The best thing about an open kitchen is that the smell will waft its way through the house. If you’re in a closed kitchen, then the smell could end up confined to that room, especially if you have the door closed. But, when your kitchen is open, the smell is free to drift around and take up other rooms in your house. It’s amazing when you’re cooking some delicious meals or baking. Seriously, don’t bother buying air fresheners anymore, just bake bread in your open kitchen. It will make your whole house smell like a delicious bakery.

The Design

Many people prefer to have open kitchens because they’re better designed. Closed kitchens are slowly becoming more old fashioned. Lots of new houses are being built with open ones. This makes it a must have thing, and it can improve the interior design of your house.

Do you prefer open kitchens to closed ones?

Have a fantastic day!

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