Monday, 21 September 2015

Everything You Could Possibly Need to Survive a Power Cut at Home

Power cuts can be a total pain, and can strike at any time. So, I’m going to run you through all the info you could possibly need to survive one!

Alternative Light Source

All the lights and electricity are going to go. So, if it’s in the evening, or at night, the house will be very dark. That’s why I would suggest coming up with alternative light sources. Make sure you have a few torches lying around that you can use. And have plenty of candles somewhere easy to get to. You’ll need to be careful with the candles though because they might prove to be a fire hazard. There are always makeshift light sources you could come up with as well.


There’s no doubt that when you’re faced with a power cut you’re going to need a tool kit. There might be issues that need fixing. You may have to get into the fuse box. And these will often take more than just a strong pair of hands. If you don’t have the tools you’re going to struggle to do it. And trust me; you don’t want to be hunting for your toolkit by torch light. Have it somewhere accessible, and make sure it’s easy to find.

Cell Phone

I always make sure I have my cell phone close to hand whenever there’s a power outage. I mean, yes, I keep it on me all the time anyway. But it’s important to be extra vigilant during a power cut. You might need to phone the police or emergency services, so a cell phone is a must. I always make sure I keep a wireless charger nearby too, as regular chargers won’t work in a power cut.


There’s nothing more annoying during a power cut than your electricity shutting off. Sometimes this can be fixed with a trip to the fuse box. Other times you could be dealing with a long outage. So, a great solution I would suggest would be checking out a selection of diesel home generators. You can choose one of these, and it will be the solution to all of your problems. A generator will mean less interruption to daily family life. Though I’d recommend you stock up on fuel as soon as you can.

First Aid

First aid kits are going to be important during a power cut. Because it might well be at night the place will get dark. And this turns everything in the house into a hazard. I always make sure I have a first aid to hand in case of accidents or injuries. It helps me to be prepared so you I can deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

Keep Warm

When you have a power outage it has the potential to get very cold in the home. You need to try to keep as warm as you can. And this is why I think low tech heating options are sometimes the best. Things like double glazing and thick curtains will work wonders. You can supplement these methods with warm clothes and blankets. If you have a fireplace you could even light a fire to keep warm. These are excellent methods that will not be affected by the power cut.

A power cut can be a nightmare for your home, and an annoyance for the family. But, if you follow this guide you should survive the power cut with relative ease. Just make sure you have a kit to hand when the power finally does go out. 

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