Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom not very exciting? A lot of people look at their bathroom and realize that they never really did much with it. Perhaps yours looks clean and neat, but apart from that, it doesn't have much character. If you want to give it a lift, you don't have to rip everything out and start again. There are lots of small ways that you can elevate the room and make it look more attractive. Just because it's a practical space, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy spending time in there. Make your bathroom more enjoyable by using some of the following tips and tricks.


Getting out a brush and a pot of paint is one of the cheapest, simplest and fastest ways of perking up a dull room. When your bathroom looks lifeless, adding some color can immediately improve it. You could paint one wall or all of them, change the color of the ceiling or even go to work on your bathroom cabinets.

New Shower Curtain or Door

When you walk into your bathroom, your eye can easily be drawn to your shower. The curtain or door stands out, whether you have a single cubicle or a combined bath and shower. Replacing the door or curtain can give the room a lift, especially if you have a tired curtain that's passed its days. It doesn't have to have a whacky pattern or be really bright. You can find some sophisticated shower curtains.

Replace Fixtures

Replacing some of the fixtures and fittings is another good way of refreshing the room. Click here to see a range of the things you could replace. You can get new small items like toilet roll holders. Even the things that seem inconsequential can make a significant difference. A new showerhead, faucets or even a replacement door knob could give your bathroom a new look.

Add a Towel Rail

If you don't already have a towel rail in your bathroom, installing one can make everything neater and prettier. Instead of just having a single rail, put in a heated rack that will dry your towels and keep them warm. It doesn't have to be plain silver metal; you can find something that has extra detailing, so it looks more attractive.

Get New Accessories

Your bathroom accessories can be beautiful, as well as practical. Even your toilet brush can look better than a plain white, plastic item in the corner of the room. There are lots of accessories you can buy, from toothbrush holders to soap dishes. And some of them can serve purely decorative purposes too.

Add Some Storage

Just like any other room in the house, you need storage in the bathroom. It will help to keep things neat and tidy, so everything looks more sophisticated. A medicine cabinet is perfect for all your beauty products, while a hamper is perfect for clothes or towels.

You don't need to make enormous changes to transform your bathroom. Just a few of these small things will make it more cheerful.

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