Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Terrific Ideas For Creating A Modern Home

When you live in a house for a long time, it becomes old and out-dated. Instead of looking for a new, modern, home, why not create your own!? There are some simple things you can do around the house to make yours look brand new and modern:

House Tech

There’s lots of technology that is put into modern homes. Things like underfloor heating are considered normal in new houses. But, in the past, houses aren’t built with this commodity. So, if you want to stay up to date, get underfloor heating in your kitchen and bathroom! It’s a great piece of technology that makes your house modern.

Also, consider other cool tech things too. For example, you can get touchpads installed around your house to control certain features. You can control the heating, dim the lights - and loads of other stuff!

It doesn’t stop there; you can even get speakers installed in the ceilings. You can then plug your iPhone into a power dock and play music out of the speakers. It’s perfect if you’re hosting a little cocktail party or social gathering.

Go Eco-Friendly

Photo source: https://goo.gl/jrNlBg

If you look at modern homes on the market, you’ll start to see a significant trend. Homes are being created to be eco-friendly. This means they’re kitted out with lots of cool stuff to make them good for the environment.

There’s one very affordable thing you can do to make your home modern and eco-friendly. That thing is installing solar panels. Get them installed on the roof of your house and it will look very modern. If you ever drive past a house with solar panels, you usually think it’s a new, cool, house!

Also, there’s the added benefit that your house will be eco-friendly. This can save you money on utility bills and bump up house value.


Don’t forget how important the furniture is to the design of your home. If you want to create a modern looking home, you need appropriate furniture. It’s time to throw out all the old sofas and tables and look for something new.

You’ll usually find that modern pieces are a lot more minimalistic. They use basic colours and aim to be sleek and sexy. Decorating with modern furniture is definitely one of the best ways to make your house look more contemporary. Especially if you’ve had the same stuff for a long time. I know for a fact that many people won’t have changed their dining room table for a while. Having an old fashioned dining room table can make that whole room look old fashioned.

Plus, if you’re making your house seem modern, it doesn’t make sense to keep all the old furniture!


I don’t need to say much about this topic; it’s fairly obvious! If you want your home to be modern, you’ll need modern appliances and things. You can’t have a modern home with an old style gas cooker can you?

And, think about getting an up-to-date TV too, if it isn’t flatscreen, your house is going to look super old!

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