Friday, 30 October 2015

Easy Methods for Transforming Your Garage

We can all neglect our garages over the other spaces in our house. It's understandable because we spend a lot more time in other areas of our homes. But a lot of people still use their garage a lot, whether they're working on their car or using it as a workshop. Your garage can be an enjoyable space to spend time, and not just somewhere to put your car and other junk. If you've never given it much thought before, it's not difficult to transform it. Have a look at these different ways you can change your garage to turn it into a different space.

Photo source: Peter Dutton

Rethink the Storage

A lot of people's garages aren't particularly tidy. They might use them to store their car, bicycles, lawn mower, and other random bits and pieces. If you don't have any sort of storage system, it shouldn't take long to tidy up. If you keep your bikes in there, buy a rack so that you can stand them up neatly. You could have them on the floor, or you can save space by putting them on the wall or ceiling. Wall brackets can be useful for many other items, both big and small, from sports equipment to tools. Decide how you want to store everything, whether it's using shelves, boxes, or something else.

Replace the Door

The door of your garage changes both how it looks inside and outside. Even if you're happy with the inside of your garage, you could improve your house's curb appeal. There are several styles of door that you could choose from, including carriage doors and roll-up doors. If you're replacing the door, you might also want or need to get a new garage door opener. The mechanism needs to match the type of door you have so it opens smoothly. You might want something smart and sophisticated or modern and edgy.


Many people don't bother to decorate their garage, but a few simple touches can make it look much better. You could start by painting the walls or even putting up some posters or photo frames. A new floor could be a good idea too, although it needs to be suitable for your car if you keep it in the garage. A polished concrete floor can look very stylish if you want something practical and attractive. You can also use your storage to make the space look better. Choose colorful shelves or smart cabinets.


If you don't use your garage for your car, you could convert it entirely. The space shouldn't go to waste, so you can make use of it. You might already use it as a workshop or a den. Depending on what you want to do with it, it could take a lot of work. You'll need to insulate and heat it if you want to be able to sit in there at any time of the year.

You can do lots of things to your garage to give it a new purpose. You won't recognize it once you've put some work into changing it.

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