Sunday, 25 October 2015

Essential Perimeter Checks That You Need To Do Today

When you spend a lot of time making your home look beautiful, you want to know that it is also safe. There are plenty of threats to the security of your home every day. Vandalism, burglary and personal attacks are crimes that can happen in a person’s home. Most of us live in pretty good neighborhoods, so it’s easy to forget the essential checks to your perimeters you should be performing every day.

Start with your doors. Most properties have two doors into the home. Your integral garage may provide a third access point. Check the locks are secure. Each of these doors should also have a deadbolt function. Now have a look at the frame of the door. Many door frames are wooden. If they are not regularly maintained, the wood can rot, making it easier to break in.

Regular painting and treatment of wooden frames is something you should keep up to date. The same goes with your windows. Rotten frames make it much easier for people to get in. Your windows should all have locks on them too, even on the second story. Keeping them clean helps you see out and identify if there are any unwanted visitors outside your property.

The boundary of your property should also be fully protected. You want to keep people away from your home. Your backyard can be especially vulnerable. Check your boundary walls and fencing. If they need replacing, consider steel & aluminium fencing as an attractive alternative to wood paneling. You don’t need your property to look like a prison to be secure. Elegant and attractive perimeters can also increase the value of your home.

Animals like cats and possums can wreak havoc in your garden. They can damage wooden fencing but also create large holes underneath it. This could be enough for your pets to escape through, or even your children. Top up the soil here, and use animal deterrents like motion-activated sprays to keep unwanted pests out. Motion-activated lighting is also a good idea, especially near your doors. Many of these are solar-powered these days, costing you nothing to run.

Your gates can also be quite vulnerable. They should all be lockable, especially the one to your yard. Check they are still secure and working well. Metal hinges may need some oil from time to time, so they move freely. If they rust, they may easily become damaged. Some people like to use security cameras in these more vulnerable areas. Internet-connected cameras can alert you by your smartphone and send you a picture if someone walks by.

There are also internet camera doorbell systems. A picture will be recorded of the people who knock at your door. This gives you additional peace of mind before you open it. Of course, it also means you can screen your visitors like you screen your calls!

I like to feel comfortable in my own home. I spend a lot of time styling it and making it look beautiful. By checking my perimeter is secure, I can be sure to feel safe in my home too.

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