Sunday, 25 October 2015

My Tips for Decorating Your Home Ethically

Many people worry about being an ethical consumer, both in terms of the environment and their fellow human beings. We always try to be green at home when we make daily decisions. But some of the bigger decisions you make for your home could be more ethical too. When you choose your furniture, you can look for things that won't harm people or the environment. You can buy fair trade items that ensure workers are paid fairly and treated well. You can think about how and where the things you buy are made, as well as how much energy they use. Try using these tips if you want to decorate your home ethically.

Think About Energy Use

Whether you're buying a dishwasher or a lamp, it's important to think about energy. Some items can use electricity, gas or other types of fuel like nobody's business. But you can make the right choices by checking how much energy most products use before you buy them. It's better for the environment and it's also much healthier for your energy bills. There are some things that you can watch out for. Appliances have Energy Star ratings that tell you how efficient they are. If you're buying lights, you can use LED bulbs and even look for solar-powered outdoor lights.

Look for Fair Trade Sellers

As well as the world around us, many people worry about their fellow man. You might be concerned about the working conditions for the people who make the things you buy. If you're worried they might not be paid enough or be treated poorly, look for fair trade labels. Promises of fair trade on and other sites should guarantee adequate working conditions. They can help you identify the most ethical sources for lots of things, from food to furniture. Many sellers will also provide lots of information about where they source their products. They may also work on projects in these areas to help the local community.

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Consider Sustainable Materials

It's important to consider not just who makes the things you buy, but what they're made from too. For example, some types of wood are not particularly sustainable. The same is true for some types of stone and other materials. Before you buy something, you can research whether it's something that's available in abundance. You could consider buying things made from recycled materials in some cases. And, of course, you should make sure you stay away from illegal materials, such as ivory.

Buy Locally

If you want to support your local industry and community, you can buy your home decor from nearby sources. Instead of looking at imported items, get things that were made in your country or even just down the road. This is one of the best ways to buy items for your home, although it's still a good idea to check their materials and working conditions.

Decorating your home ethically can take a bit more effort, but it's worth it for a guilt-free conscience. You could even be contributing toward some valuable projects.

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