Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Top Tips For Taking The Stress Out Of Student Life

College years are some of the most memorable in any young person’s life. It’s a chance to discover yourself, work towards a career, and make new friends. Some of the memories and life lessons you will learn during this time will benefit you for years to come. So try to make the most of it!

For many, this period of life is the first chance to gain true independence. No more relying on parents to do your washing up or take care of bills. It’s a great learning curve, but you don’t want to let it get in the way of your studies.

Here are my top tips to ensure the living side of student life passes without a hitch. This should leave you more time to concentrate on getting the most out of your studies.

Cut Living Costs

Nowadays, many students will have a part-time job to remove some of the financial strain. But even still, money will be a major problem from time to time. You need to ensure this doesn’t prevent you from buying equipment that’s needed to aid your studies.

Prioritising items is a key part of maturing into a responsible adult. However, you can additionally give your finances a boost by taking heed of these tips on how to save money. Meanwhile, if funds get tight, then you could always make some extra money by selling old clothes or computer games.

After all, every little helps.

Be Organised

The student life is a juggling act between work, studies, and social activities. It isn’t easy, but with the right level of organisation, you’ll be just fine.

If you aren’t making your days productive, then you’ll be missing out on some vital aspects of the student life. Quite frankly, investing in a decent planner and downloading the latest smartphone Apps is essential.

Similarly, you could save extra time by cooking various meals at once and freezing them to be reheated. It’s the perfect answer for those long days of lectures and work.

Think Inside The Box

One of the most stressful parts of student life is moving at the end of the term. Transporting your things all the way home for a few weeks, only to then move them back to the new student accommodation feels like a huge waste of time.

Fortunately, you can overcome this issue with self-storage. It still requires some work, but it’s a lot less stressful than the alternative.

It might feel like a small gesture, but there’s nothing worse than starting the new term feeling stressed. Take heed of this tip and you’ll be able to resume your studies with a clearer mind. This can make a vast improvement to your results.


One mistake that many students make is that they don’t give their body the love and attention it deserves. It’s so easy to be swamped by ideas of expanding your mind that you forget to take care of your physical health.

Working out gives you a chance to forget about everything and invest in your body. Meanwhile, the release of endorphins will improve your general well-being and happiness.

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to complain about the changes to your body image either.

Most gyms will offer special student prices, so it’s a cheap form of entertainment too.

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