Thursday, 15 October 2015

What Room Is Best for Tile Flooring?

What room is best for tile flooring? The truth is that tile is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in inspiring colors and prints ideal for almost all rooms in your house. A beautiful ceramic or porcelain floor tile can be ideal for rooms that need to withstand spills and the elements. This is why tile flooring is perfect for laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, or even outside around the pool.


This space in the house is popular for tile flooring. With small rooms like a bathroom, you will generally want to use small tiles. With a small room, you can use 1” tiles to make things easier. However, when using mosaics and prints [which are the trends in tile flooring at the moment], larger tiles are more recommended. If you use mosaic tiles, they are moisture resistant, which is perfect for a wet bathroom.


Tile flooring can be a structural issue for many areas in your home. This is because of the additional weight it adds. But that is definitely not the case in the basement, which has the most stable subsurface of the entire structure. This stability gives a homeowner the freedom to choose large, heavy tiles that may not work elsewhere.

Outdoor Areas

Natural stone tile can withstand the elements, which makes it the ideal choice for outdoor areas like pools, patios, walkways, or even an outdoor kitchen. When choosing tile for an outdoor area, you want to go with something that is not slippery. A good idea is travertine or marble. Those who live in areas with drastic weather changes and extreme cold might want to stick to stone.

Laundry Room

One of the best places for tile flooring is an area that’s prone to moisture, like a laundry room. Choose from a wide variety of patterns, finishes, and colors to coordinate your laundry room tile with your décor. For more flooring options, contact GoHaus.

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