Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Guide To Creating A Beautiful Couple's Bedroom

When you have a live-in partner, often it can be hard to create a bedroom that you both love. While he might crave a masculine monochrome look, you most probably prefer decor that’s a little more girly.

When your decor ideas clash, it can sometimes be hard to know what route to go down when it comes to designing the perfect bedroom. Should one of you cave and give the other free reign or should you compromise and create a space that you both love?

Of course, when the two of you have different tastes, you might not think that it’s possible to create a room that you both love. It might take a lot of smart thinking, but even if you have different tastes, you can still design a beautiful bedroom.

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Get inspiration

Sit down together and take a look at some couple-friendly bedroom designs online. Use sites like for this - here, you should find some fabulous ideas. Any ideas that appeal to both of you save onto a mood board so that you can refer to them later.

As well as looking for design inspiration, it’s also a good idea to look at color scheme options. He might hate the idea of pastel pink walls, but he may be happy to incorporate mint or powder blue, instead. Be direct, ask him which colors he hates, and which ones he would compromise on. Once you know what he likes, you then need to share your likes and dislikes.

Go neutral

For the walls, opt for a color that is neutral - cream, beige, powder blue, mint green or gray are all ideal. If you opt for a color that’s more feminine or masculine, this could cause tension. Go neutral to avoid any arguments.

If you are a wallpaper couple, make sure to think about the pattern that you choose carefully. Steer clear of floral patterns, including hearts or butterflies, or anything too girly. Instead, look for designs that are gender neutral.

Make your bed the focal point

In any bedroom, the focal point should always be the bed. After all, it is the central feature of the room. Regardless of whether you love big, beautiful girly beds, opt for a design that’s suitable for you and your partner. Look for a bed frame that’s simple but classic - a design that is neither too masculine or too feminine.

As well as choosing the perfect bed frame, think about the mattress that you get. If you both prefer different mattress types, opt for a design that is adjustable. As well as traditional mattresses that adjust, you can also get some fantastic adjustable air beds. These can be just as comfortable and as they have different air chambers, and so, are easier to adjust. To find out more about investing in an air bed instead of a traditional mattress, check out the air beds at Whatever mattress you choose, just make sure that it’s suitable for both you and your partner.

Add luxury

Your bedroom should be yours and your partner’s retreat from the outside world. It should be the place that you look forward to coming home to at the end of a long day. There’s no better way to create a beautiful bedroom than by making it wonderfully luxurious.

Add stylish pieces of wall art - decide on the designs together. Invest in a chic faux fur rug for the floor - there’s nothing more luxurious than a fur rug. Swap your short curtains for floor length ones - there’s something about long curtains that add a wonderful sense of luxury.

It can sometimes be tricky to get your couple’s bedroom just right, but by taking note of these tips, you can make it a little easier.

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