Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Three Cool Ways to Use an Outdoor Room to Get More Versatility From Your Living Space

Inside your home, it can be difficult to have a dedicated space for the things you love to do most. Whether it is hobbies or exercise, you may well find yourself using part of your living room for everything, and finding yourself constantly getting your stuff out and putting it away, or even being unable to do what you want to do at all because other people are using the space.

Short of converting a spare bedroom or extending your house, which are often not an option, you may think there isn't much you can do to get a dedicated area to do things in whenever you want, but as more and more home owners are discovering, adding a separate structure outside in the form of a garden room can be the ideal solution. If you have some space outside that is suitable, your garden rooms provider can simply design and build a prefabricated structure and erect it on your premises, giving you a whole new indoor room you can use for anything you want – complete with power, lighting and heating if you want them!

Here are three great ways you can use a garden room to get more flexibility from your home:

Home Gym or Fitness Studio

Whether your idea of the perfect workout is lifting free weights, using cardio equipment, or having the space and calm needed to do yoga or Pilates stretches, your garden room can easily become the perfect place to work out. Having a dedicated home gym makes you far more likely to actually exercise at home, rather than having to get all your gear out and set up in your living room every time, and having distractions all around you. You can set up a sound system or TV in there to keep your mind occupied while you work out, or just enjoy some peace and quiet!

Craft or Art Room

Whatever your favourite art or craft hobby is, you can use your garden room to focus on it in a calm environment, and not have to worry about leaving half finished projects and tools lying around making the house look messy. Whether you are sewing, painting, doing woodwork or pottery, having a studio space where you can go to do it and always have your equipment out and ready to use will make you more productive and also allow you to enjoy your hobby time more.

Home Office

If you work from home or just want a place to study, a home office can be a much better space than a laptop on the sofa or a small, cramped desk in your living room! You'll feel like you have a professional space where you won't be distracted by your family or normal home life, and can really get to work.

These are just three of the things your garden room could serve as, so if you are in need of a special room and don't have space in your house, it really could be the ideal solution.

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