Thursday, 10 December 2015

Custom Home Building: The Vital Steps You Need To Cover

Lots of us are starting to build our homes instead of trying to buy the home of our dreams. And, in a lot of ways, it makes sense. Attempting to find the home that we have always wanted is always going to be difficult. Even if we do find it, the property is going to cost us a fortune, and most people don’t have that sort of cash lying around the house. So, we build the perfect home instead. At least, that way we know we are getting what we want. But, before we crack on with the building process, there are several steps we need to take care of first.

The Goals

The last thing we want to do is build a house that isn’t perfect. After all, it is the main reason we are building instead of buying! The problem is that our goals and dreams can get muddled in the building process. As the team begins work, they might not fully understand what we are trying to say, and they might go off piste. Or, money might become an issue, and we might repress some of our desires to keep the cost low. The best tip I know is to write down the goals or sketch them on a piece of paper. That way, we can always refer to what we want from our home. If plans do change, it is still important to have them down in physical form.

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The Budget

I wouldn’t let money become an issue because I would budget the cost of the build beforehand. All I do is tally up every possible cost and issue that may arise and write them down along with the cost. Then, I total up all the prices, and there is my budget. Finally, I add an extra five to ten percent on to the top of the cost because nothing ever goes to plan. If the budget is not within my financial remit, I look to lose a few costs that I would like, but that are not essential.

The Land

Before any building work begins, we need a suitable piece of land to start proceedings. Without the land, the house is a non-starter. There are lots of things to consider, from the price of the land to the location. But, just as importantly, you need to consider the planning permission. Just because you buy a piece of land doesn’t mean that you can necessarily start building. The local authorities may put a stop to it if you don’t get special dispensation.

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The Team

We cannot do it all alone, even if we have experience. To get the job done quickly and professionally, hire a team of custom home builders. The experience and the skill that they bring should make an incredibly difficult project run very smoothly.

The Small Stuff

Finally, sweat the small stuff. The little details may not seem that important, but they are everything with regards to custom homes. The fine print is what makes the house unique, and it is one of the reasons you choose to build in the first place.

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