Saturday, 12 December 2015

Easy Things You Can Do to Save Endangered Species

As citizens, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our nation’s wildlife, birds, and fish which are on the brink of extinction. Endangered species can be found all over the world, with more and more animals being put at risk of going extinct due to hunting, pollution, building works and other issues. Although helping endangered species might seem like an impossible task, your contribution can make all the difference, no matter how small. We’ve put together some things which you can start doing at home today in order to contribute to the protection of endangered birds, animals and even fish.

Learn About Endangered Species

Learning about different endangered species can help you to know more about the wildlife that you are helping to protect, as well as give you more information about the best ways to go about this, or information on suitable charities that you could support such as the Dancing Star Foundation. You should also gain some knowledge on any endangered species in your area.

Visit a Wildlife Refuge

Visiting a national wildlife refuge or park is a great way to show your support for endangered species and help with animal protection. If there is a wildlife refuge in your area, it is very likely that it is relying heavily on local visitors for financial support in order to preserve the species that it serves to protect. Visiting and buying items from the shop or making a small donation may not seem much to you, but every act of support will be appreciated.

Make Your Home Wildlife Friendly

More and more wildlife species are becoming at risk of going extinct due to danger and risks posed by everyday human life. Domestic pets, household trash and lack of vegetation are becoming increasingly larger threats to wild animals. Make sure that your home is wildlife friendly by using garbage bins with locking lids, keeping any pets inside at night, and making your garden into a habitat for wildlife by planting plenty of native vegetation.

Drive Carefully

Thanks to the increase in developed areas, many wild animals have had to adapt to living in towns and even cities, putting them in constant danger from human hazards such as road traffic. The amount of wildlife killed on the roads is on the rise, and driving carefully and keeping your eye out for wildlife on the roads – especially in more rural areas – can help to reduce this.

Be Careful When Purchasing Animal Products

Poachers often kill animals from endangered species thanks to the products that they can make from the animal and then sell. This practice is becoming outlawed in many areas, but people still continue to buy the products, giving poachers more reason to continue. Never buy anything that was made from an endangered species, as the less purchases of these products are made, the less poachers will hunt endangered species for a profit.

What do you do to help endangered species, whether in your area or around the world? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.  Have a great weekend everyone !

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