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Help Your Friend Celebrate Her New Baby’s Arrival

If your friend just gave birth, you are probably over the moon for her and her partner. A healthy, happy new baby is the best present a family could wish for and something that should be celebrated. If you’re a close friend of the new mom, the chances are that you want to get involved in helping her to celebrate.

You may have already arranged the baby shower, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help the parents to mark the birth of their new addition. They may have already wet the baby's head with a glass or two of bubbly, but there are plenty of other ways that you can help them to celebrate. Get creative and think of unique ways that you can help them to celebrate. When it comes to marking the birth of a new baby, there are so many ways you can show that you care.

Of course, before you do that, it’s important to take into account their culture and family traditions. Every family has their own traditions when it comes to new babies. So it’s important to check that before you start planning ways to celebrate, that you won’t be stepping on anyone’s toes. The chances are, if you’re a close friend of the new mom, you’ll know how her family celebrates things. So there’s no need to worry. However, it’s worth mentioning. As just like when throwing a baby shower, there are certain rules of etiquette that should be followed.

For all our best ideas for helping your new mommy friend celebrate the birth of her baby keep reading.

Plan a get-together

A fantastic way to help your friend celebrate the birth of her new child is with a small get-together. That being said, new moms can get overwhelmed easily, so before you start planning, it might be a good idea to ask her what she thinks. The chances are that as long as it’s not at her house - a new baby equals a messy house, she’ll love the idea. However, it’s always best to check, just in case she’s not ready to see everyone just yet.

If she gives you the go ahead, get planning. Pick a venue that is close to the new mom's home, comfortable and suitable for her new arrival. Don’t choose a public venue, somewhere quiet, like your home, for instance, is ideal. If you pick somewhere that has a spare room that the baby can be put down in if he or she becomes tired, you’ll find that the new mom will be more relaxed.

Be choosy about how many people you invite. Aim to ask no more than ten people to the celebratory get-together, so as not to overwhelm the new mom or baby. This should be made up of all her closest friends and relatives, the people who she feels comfortable around. Keep the ‘party’ short and sweet, two to three hours will be more than enough for her and her baby.

Pick the perfect gift

Another way you can help your friend to celebrate the birth of her baby is by picking out the perfect gift. If the new parents have already got everything that they need for their little one, choosing a present to mark the new baby’s arrival can be tricky. It might seem impossible, but if you think outside the box, there are plenty of gifts that could be perfect. To get some inspiration, go online and browse sites like Pinterest - there are always amazing gift ideas on here.

Personalized baby gifts always go down well. Instead of picking out a regular present, choose something that’s personalized in some way. This could be a baby hat that has the new addition’s initials on it, a towel with the baby’s weight on, or a pair of booties with his or her name on. There’s something special about personalized gifts, as the new parents know that it’s been made especially for them.

Baby hampers always make lovely presents. If you can’t think of one big present to get the new parents, how about making them up a baby hamper? The great thing about hamper gifts is that you can fill them with all sorts of lovely goodies. Pick out a couple of baby outfits, some little socks, booties, a teddy bear, and some wash stuff and pop it all in a basket. For the wash stuff, make sure to pick natural products that have been made for babies. Babies skin is super sensitive. So when it comes to beauty products, you have to be really careful about what you use on them.

Help the new mom and dad make memories

The first few weeks after a new baby is born, fly by for the parents, as they are just so busy. Parenthood is hard work, especially those first few precious weeks. With so much to do for their new addition, the chances are that the parents won’t get a chance to make any memories together. Making sure that the new parents get the chance to make memories with their little one could be the perfect way to help them celebrate.

A fantastic way to help new parents make memories is by booking them in for a newborn photo shoot. While moms and dads can take pictures of their new addition themselves, the quality of the pictures are never as good as those done by a professional. If the new mom has other kids as well, make sure to include them in the photoshoot, as else they’ll feel left out. You can get some amazing deals on newborn and family photoshoots if you buy online, so make sure to shop around for a good price.

Another way that you can help the new mom make memories is by having a memory necklace made for her. These are perfect for helping the new parents to remember those first few precious weeks with their little one. You can have a necklace that’s stamped with the baby’s birth date, weight, and name. Or, if the new mom already has other little ones, you could get her a family tree necklace that has a bead for each of her children.

Spoil her

Having a new baby might be the most wonderful experience, but the chances are the new mom is exhausted. After nine months of being pregnant and giving birth, surely she deserves a treat of her own? Help your friend celebrate the birth of her baby by spoiling her rotten.

If she’s happy to leave her little one at home, book the two of you in for a relaxing spa day. After giving birth, she’ll be in need of a pamper, and for that, a spa day is perfect. Look for deals online, and book the two of you into a local spa for a day of pampering. To make it extra special, choose a package that includes lunch or afternoon tea.

If she’s not quite ready to leave her little one yet, why not book her into a mom and baby spa instead? That way she can have a pamper but won’t need to worry about leaving her little one at home. If you have a look online, you should be able to find plenty of mom and baby spas to choose from.
Treat her to lunch. Leave the little one with dad and treat your friend to a slap-up lunch at her favorite eatery. She probably won’t have been able to eat without having to hold a baby in one hand for a while, so will be excited to go out and have a break. If she’s up to it, perhaps you could also do a spot of shopping while you’re out?

Organize a girl’s night in. She may not want to leave her little one for too long just yet, so instead of going for a night out, have a girl’s night in. Get all the girls together, and organize a girly night in for the new mom to enjoy. If she’s not up for going to someone else's house, ask to hold it at hers instead. [Tell her that you'll help her tidy up beforehand.] Buy popcorn, rent girly movies, drink non-alcoholic wine, and have a laugh together. Many new moms get a little lonely, so she'll appreciate having a bit of company.

If your close friend has just had a baby, the chances are that you want to help her celebrate. It can sometimes be hard to know the best way to go about this, as you don’t want to step on her family’s toes. However, if you know her well, the chances are you also know her family and can chat to them about how you’d like to help her celebrate.

There are plenty of ways that you can help the new mom mark the birth of her child, from throwing a party to buying her a gift. How you chose to help her celebrate is up to you, just make sure to take her feelings into account when arranging things.

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