Saturday, 5 December 2015

How to Get The House Of Your Dreams

Dreaming is one thing but doing is another! We find this out so many times in our lives. First we have the dream and then comes the reality check. We tend to get ‘serious’ by telling ourselves we are being unrealistic or we don’t deserve it. When it comes to our homes, I don’t think we are any different. We accept what is and assume that is the way it has to be! Sure we’d all like our rooms done out the way we want them. We’d love space for our hobbies and room for our quiet corners. We’d like a door here, or a kitchen that opened out into the living area. Maybe on cold nights we’d love a log fire that we could curl up in front of. Imagine that instead of simply wishing, we could bring those dreams to fruition. Well, we can. List your priorities and go from there.

Lifestyle sets the tone

Shape your house around your lifestyle and not the other way around. Walls are only dividers. Sure they might be strong and made of timber, but they can be moved. And it’s not that big a deal. Start with a look at the sort of life you lead and build your wish list around that. Maybe you're the type who enjoys working out and would love to incorporate that space into your home. Is your focus at the moment on a family space that you can enjoy together, or is that simply not you at all? If you are the DIY type you might want a workshop or extended garage area.

What are your needs?

Maybe you’re the culinary queen who wants to spend her time on her creations without being disturbed. You can run these scenarios through every room of your home. And don’t forget communal areas. Do you need all the space in the hallway or, is there a continual pile of boots, shoes and coats on the table? What are your storage needs? Take it into the bathroom and bedroom. Is an ensuite important for you? Do you love to revel in the bath? Are you views vital to you? Would a balcony be a welcome addition or would it be a waste of expense that you never used? It may be that you are thinking that a new build would suit you. After all, you’ll be able to build an entire home around you. Talk to a custom home builder to get an idea how this could work for you.

Practically Speaking

With your list in place, it’s time to look at you budget. This crucial phase allows you to prioritise and see what your most pressing needs are. It could be that a professional company could show you how to combine two or three items, allowing to have what you want for a fraction of the cost. Sliding doors open up a house easily transforming a space and letting light in. In a sense, they could give you access to an outdoor room. You’ll be getting two for the price of one.

Building your house around your lifestyle is a different way of looking at things. It opens you up to fresh possibilities and means that you can finally get the dream home you want and need.

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