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Interested In Buying A Waterbed? Here Are The Pros And Cons

Waterbeds are very mysterious. They look like amazing fun, and you can’t help but smile every time you see one. But, are they a good addition to your bedroom. That is the question that you need to ask before you buy a waterbed. And the answer is who knows? A waterbed may be the perfect addition to your bedroom, or it may be the worst item you ever bought. The effectiveness of a waterbed depends on the person, or people, sleeping on it. There are a lot of pros and cons to waterbeds, some that are a deal breaker and some that are not that significant. The only way to work out whether a waterbed is for you is to look at all the data and come to an informed decision.

Pro: Comfort

To start with, the main advantage of a waterbed is the high levels of comfort. Although conventional beds are comfy, waterbeds take comfort even further. Because they are a bed of fluid, you feel light, as if you are floating on air. Waterbeds work by forming to the shape of your body. As water is a fluid, it can bend and curve to your body shape, making you as comfortable as possible. Plus, there are no bed springs or pieces of material that stick out and dig into your body while you sleep. Waterbeds are without a doubt the most comfortable beds on the market right now.

Antti T. Nissinen

Con: Support

The problem with lying on a bed of water is that the water is not a good support platform for your body. Normal beds have stable bases that provide stability, unlike a waterbed that doesn’t have a very stable base. Common wisdom suggests that beds should be firm as the firmness is good for your back and your limbs. For more info, head to However, with a waterbed, you cannot tailor the firmness to your liking. Regardless of what you want, you are going to be sleeping on a soft surface that puts more strain on your body.

Pro: Relaxation

The best waterbeds are extremely relaxing. In fact, if you visit, you will see just how relaxing they are. The water provides the sensation that you are floating on waves, which can be very therapeutic as long as you don’t get sea sick! The motion of the ‘waves’ in the mattress sooth you and make you more relaxed. The result is that you get a better quality of sleep thanks to the motion of the ocean!

Con: Novelty

Sometimes, though, the novelty of a waterbed doesn’t wear off anytime soon. The waves, although they can be soothing, can also be distracting. As you are trying to get to sleep, you may find that the motion of the bed is keeping you awake. And, the problem is that there isn’t much you can do to solve the issue. Waterbeds are made that way for a reason, but the reason may be a big distraction. You can buy beds that don’t make waves, but they are much more expensive and don’t always fix the problem. For a lot of people, the best option is to stick to a regular bed.

Pro: Good For Allergies

At the moment, we are entering the cold season. That is not to say it is getting cold, although it is getting cold! It is more to say that people start getting allergies around this time of year. When the dirt and dust mix with the cold weather, the body can find it hard to cope. Thankfully, a waterbed helps fight allergies as it doesn’t collect dust, dirt or grime. As they are made from vinyl material, there is nowhere for the allergens to settle on the bed. And, you don’t have to maintain your bed proactively to reap the rewards as they are easy to wipe off without cleaning.

Con: Leaks

Yes, they do have a tendency to leak. As you are dealing with water, it is something you have to deal with when you buy a waterbed. To be honest, it is quite easy to fix as most come with a repair kit and instructions. But, if you cannot be bothered with the hassle, then you might want to reconsider before you make your final purchase.

Pro: Can Be Heated

Nighttime is when the temperature starts to drop, and the heat in the house starts to dissipate. That is not very good for sleeping because the cold makes you more uncomfortable, something you want to avoid. Sometimes, pulling the sheets over you isn’t enough as the mercury can plummet very low indeed, so you need a backup. Luckily, most waterbeds have a built in mechanism that heats up the bed. All you have to do is turn on the switch, and the bed will slowly start to get warmer and warmer. By the end of the night, you won’t even need sheets as the bed will be that toasty!

Pro: Money Saver

The common misconception is that a waterbed is a lot more expensive than conventional bed. However, that is not always the case. It is undeniable that beds and mattresses, whatever the type, are expensive. In fact, they are that expensive that there is not much difference between a normal bed and a bed that is full of water.  Plus, waterbeds can save you money, especially during the winter. As you can see from above, they are heated. If you like to use an electric blanket during the winter, you will use up a lot of energy. Waterbeds, on the other hand, use a lot less energy, and that saves you a lot of cash in the long-term. When you hear someone say waterbeds are expensive, take a look at the prices first before you make a judgement.

Pro: Unique

A major part of designing your bedroom is giving it a sense of character and individuality. You want to imbue your bedroom with your personality to make it look its best and stand out from the crowd. Well, a waterbed certainly achieves that target. As you can imagine, there are not too many people who sleep on a bed of water!

As you can see, the positives outweigh the negatives in most cases. Still, the decision is yours and yours alone.

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