Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Furninsh Your Eco Home For Less

Adopting eco values can be a wonderful commitment to the future. It is a way of helping the planet by saving valuable resources. We have lived in a terribly wasteful throw away culture for so long. It feels as if finally things are changing for the better. If you are setting up home or even renovating here are some eco tips to help you do it in a way that will save you money as well as saving resources.

Furnish Your Lounge for Less

It is amazing to see how many pre-loved furniture stores are popping up everywhere. This has something to do with the economy, but I think it is also a part of our new mindset. Some things are just too good to be thrown away. If you take the time to look around, there are many items of furniture that can be lovingly re-homed.
It is quite common to see real quality lounge suites and easy chairs that are a fraction of the cost of buying new. Some may be a little worn or even have marks in places, but it is easy to use an upholstery cleaner or simply buy replacement covers. Do try and sit on your sofa to make sure it is the right level of comfort for you!
All manner of wooden furnishings find their way into reclamation stores and secondhand shops. As long as it is made of wood it is an easy project to bring these pieces back to life. All it takes is a little stripping and sanding down and even the most tired piece of wood will spring back to life and be as good as the day it was made. It can be a fine line between these pieces some antiques. So it will pay to rummage around to find the quality pieces that you want, without paying over the top prices. Auction houses can be a great place to look.

Kitchen Appliances

It is tempting to buy new and of course, you can, but the truth is appliance repair can bring most items back to life. Astoundingly many people simply buy new when something goes wrong or breaks down. Search out the big main brands and you will find that you can get pretty much everything serviced with the right parts and even guarantees. If you are setting up home for the first time this is a great way to save money. If it's a renovation you are planning then consider keeping your appliances. Get them serviced and they will be as good as new. You can then spend your budget on more exciting innovations.


The furnishing savings here are similar in every respect with the possible exception of your bed. Even then a used bed frame is perfectly acceptable. This can allow you to invest in a quality mattress that will give you a good night's sleep.

Homes that are furnished in this way can be wonderfully eclectic and have heaps of character. It is perfectly possible to find pre-loved beautiful mirrors, pictures and vases, rugs and even chandeliers. These can give your home a wonderful individual sense of style. You are saving the planet’s resources and having a lot of fun along the way!

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