Monday, 29 February 2016

Preparing Your House for Viewings

You have made a few alterations to your home and you feel comfortable with putting it on the market, now you need to ensure that it is appealing to viewers. Your first thought may be, a simple clean and dust down of the house is acceptable however there is much more to it than meets the eye. Although that is a good foundation for successful viewings, we have highlighted a few pointers that have a minimal cost however it can be the difference between selling your house and not.

Start small, de-clutter

The first impression of your house is vital to a potential buyer, by de-trashing your house it presents the buyer with more area where they can start and envisage where their furniture will belong.

Your home

Not all improvements made to your house have to be ridiculously expensive. Quite simply a fresh layer of paint can revitalise an entire room and give it significantly more life. Dependant on your own preference, it is advised to repaint using a neutral colour as it will appeal to a wider audience.

If your house has a unique selling point, do not be afraid to use it to your advantage and emphasise it. This can vary from original wooden beams, a wood burning stove or perhaps wooden floors; ensure that the viewer is aware of such additions to the house instead of assuming that they notice them for themselves. In conjunction with new blinds and other ingredients to make it feel homely, your house will feel revitalised and ready to sell.

Your furniture is vital when selling your home. You have to make a conscious decision whether or not the arrangement of your furniture maximises the space in a room and ensure that it’s not seen as clutter.

Obviously there are a wide range of reasons why a buyer chooses the house that is right for them. Why not ensure that your house smells nice throughout? Especially for families that own a pet, sometimes the smell can be enough to put a potential buyer off. You should attempt to diffuse the smell and potentially cover it up using scented candles or incense sticks. You never know what the lasting impression is going to be to a potential buyer, so do not let your house smell unappealing.

The Garden

Obviously a garden can be a successful selling point especially towards families so the presentation should be of a good standard. It does not have to be immaculate, however, fresh cut grass is considered appropriate.

Simple tips like jet washing your flagstone patio can revive your garden. But not only that. Ensure you maximise the garden space by rearranging any potential children’s toys. It is advised to add a number of vibrant plants that add colour and life to your garden and also if you have pets, make sure that you fully check the garden. The smallest details such as clean windows can add to the overall opinion of the house.

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