Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Protective Measures to Consider for Your Home

There are some things we can all do to make our homes a little more secure. None of us want to be robbed or be hit by a natural disaster. So, preparing for these kinds of events and making them less likely to impact you and your family is always a good idea. Below are some top protective measures that you should consider.

Get Insured

Everyone should have their home and contents insured if you want it to stay safe. This insurance gives you an extra layer of security if something bad does happen to your home or possessions. There’s nothing worse than something bad happening and then wishing you had been properly insured. The insurance will help you to get back on your feet and get your life back to normal as quickly as possible. There are lots of insurance providers out there, so you should compare all the deals you can find to get the right deal for you. Price comparison sites might be able to help with this.

Invest in a Good Alarm System

A good burglar alarm could be the difference between keeping your possessions safe and having them stolen. An alarm will stop anyone who is trying to break into your home in their tracks. And it will also wake you up so that you can call the police. Some alarm systems can even be hooked up to the police so that they will respond as soon as something happens. It can do even more than this though. In many cases, it can even prevent a break-in from happening in the first place. It’s a deterrent because when potential criminals look at your home, they will see that you have a good alarm system.

Get Rid of Trees Next to the Home

If there are any large trees that are located next to the home, you should consider removing them. They are potential hazards for your home, even if you don’t realise it yet. The ones that are a little further away from the home are fine. But the ones that are close can be ripped up from the crowd in stormy weather. And when that happens, they can fall on the roof of your home and cause quite severe damage. Fixing a damaged roof is not cheap, so you should think very carefully about getting rid of those trees. You can hire a professional tree surgeon who can safely cut down the tree for you. This is a better option than cutting it down yourself.


Many people live in areas that put their homes at risk of flooding. If this applies to you, it makes sense to consider waterproofing your home. This will help to minimise the damage, especially in your basement, in the event of a flood that hits your home. You should visit Hydraway if you want to get this work done on your home professionally. Cleaning up after a flood is never fun for homeowners. But the task is made a little easier if you have the right protective measures in place. This is one home waterproofing offers you. It’s a must for anyone who is likely to have their home flooded in the future, so what are you waiting for?

Have a Fire Escape Plan

There’s always a chance that a fire could break out in your home. It doesn’t matter how careful you are to try to avoid a fire; there is always a chance that something can go wrong. So, you need to be prepared in the event of a fire. This means creating a fire escape plan that your whole family understands. You should all know where to go and what to do if a fire does break out. You should find a way to communicate this to the children in the house in a way that is clear but not frightening for them. Nobody wants to think that a fire will strike in their home, but it’s always best to be prepared just in case.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensors are another great deterrent against burglary, and you should really invest in them. They work by turning on the light automatically whenever someone passes beneath the motion sensor. This can be a very simple but very effective deterrent when it comes to minimising burglaries. If potential burglars have a spotlight shining down on them, they will not be quite so keen to try and break into your home. You should definitely give it a try. They are pretty cheap to buy, and you can install them by yourself as long as you know what you’re doing.

Reinforce Points of Entry

When people try to break into your home, they use the entry points. So, the first thing to do is make sure that you don’t leave your doors and windows unlocked all the time. This just invites trouble and makes break-ins more likely. You also need to think about reinforcing these entry points. If your doors and windows are old and don’t offer much resistance, it makes your home easier to break into. And that’s not what you want. Adding new locks and even replacing old points of entry can be a good idea if you want to make your home more secure.

Take Special Steps When You Go Away

When you go away from your home for a while, whether it’s a holiday or a business trip, your home is vulnerable. But there are steps you can take to secure your home and make sure nothing bad happens while you’re not there. You could set timers on the lights so that they come on at certain times of the day. This gives the illusion that someone is living in the property. If you’re going away for quite a long time, you should mow the lawn so that it doesn’t become overgrown. Overgrown lawns tend to suggest that the home is empty. You could also ask a neighbour to drop in and make sure everything is alright.

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