Sunday, 13 March 2016

My Absolute Guide to Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is important for a few key reasons. First, you need to protect your home. Storms and bad weather can easily damage your property, particularly if smaller issues go unnoticed. Then, you must consider the value of your home. At some point, you will be thinking about a future sale of your property. This may not be on your mind right now,  or even five years from now. But one day you will be thinking about making a move. It will be important to you that the home goes at the highest value possible. If it’s not in a good condition, this just isn’t going to happen. You don’t want to be rushing around the house getting it ready when that time comes. If you look after it now and keep it well maintained, you won’t have to.

You do need to think about the style of your home as well. If fashion is important to you, you should be aware that interior design does fall in and out of style. For instance, in the late eighties, drip paint ceilings were very popular. Now, however, if you have this in your home you will want to smooth it over.

Then there is your health to consider. Usually, we consider our homes safe places where accidents don’t or shouldn’t happen. But this isn’t always the case. If your property isn’t well maintained, you would be surprised just how dangerous it could be. All that said, and I’m sure you still don’t know where to begin when thinking about maintaining your property. I suggest you start with the exterior of your home and make sure there aren’t any issues that need fixing.

Exterior Maintenance

For now, let’s not bother thinking about curb appeal and instead consider some of the most serious issues that could be affecting your home. If your house has recently been effected by a storm, you should check the roof. It’s possible that the storm has damaged the roof and left a hole. The easiest way to check for signs of this is to head up into the attic. If you have a look around, check if there is any natural light shining in. Any sign of this does suggest there is a hole. No matter how small a hole like this does need to be repaired. Left alone this could get bigger and even start to damage the structure of the entire roof.

As well as this, you need to think about any other damage to the outside of your home caused by weather conditions. For instance, if you have ever noticed water building up on your lawn, this could be a bigger issue than you probably realise. In fact, it could be causing damage to the structure of your home. Particularly, if the water is building up against an outside wall. If this occurs and you have a high water plain, then you will find dampness builds on the lower walls, inside your property. You might even find that if you have a basement, it starts to flood. To solve this issue, you can lay down a permeable solution using the help of a professional landscaper. Or, you can install a water pump in your basement. The difference between these solutions is the cost. So you will need to decide which solution is right for you.

You also need to watch out for damage to the outside of your property in vulnerable places. For instance, water on the garage door could easily cause rust. Particularly, if you don’t have anything over the metal to protect it. If this occurs, you do need to get the issue sorted out as soon as possible before it get’s worse. Remember, damage to a door isn’t just an aesthetic issue. It could weaken a part of your home that will make it easier to get into your house. Again, this is about safety more than anything else.

Don’t forget, if your house is built of alternative materials, you will need special supplies to make repairs. If you live in a rural area, you might have a log home. To fix any issues with the exterior, you’ll need home caulking solutions from a specialist company. You can find the information you need online to make the repairs.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Now, let’s step inside your house and think about more maintenance tips. You will need to start by looking at both the kitchen and the bathrooms. Any designer or estate agent will tell you that these are some of the most important parts of your home. That’s why they need to be well maintained. There can be big problems caused in your bathrooms in particular. Some houses, don’t have any windows in the bathroom. This is typically because it’s an ensuite, built inside the home. The room might even have been converted to provide this possibility. The issue with this type of bathroom is that even with an extractor fan, damp can build on the walls. After that, you will see mould start to develop as well. Mould is especially bad news due to the fact it could damage your health. Particularly, if it’s present in a room without ventilation. To avoid this issue, I suggest you always leave the fan running. Make sure that you also leave the door closed whenever using the bathroom. Particularly, if you have a shower.

Another place, that you will see dampness and mould build is around the windows of your home. This is typically due to the buildup of condensation. Condensation forms on the windows inside and then drip down onto the windowsill and the walls. Again dampness will slowly build and if you’re not careful could lead to mould. There are plenty of benefits of triple or double glazing windows. The lack of noise pollution for one and the improved insulation for another. But this is certainly one of the disadvantages. Because cold air can not escape, condensation builds causing conditions perfect for dampness. There are two ways to deal with this issue in your home. One possibility is to buy an air dehumidifier. Little ones are cheap and can be put on your windowsill to soak up the water in the air. Or, you can buy a larger one that is more expensive but more expensive. It’s also possible to get vents fitted into your windows so that air can escape freely. This is one the best solutions. The disadvantage, of course, is that the room will be slightly colder.

Another issue in the kitchen and bathroom is caulk. If you don’t know, caulk is the squishy substance between the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. You’ll also find it around the edge of your bath and shower. Most people aren’t aware the caulk does need to be replaced on occasion. You need to watch for when the caulk gets dry and hard. At this point, it’s time to use an adhesive to remove it. You can then lay in fresh caulk to seal the cracks. It’s a simply process, and you won’t need any extra help to complete it.


You can then think about the style of your home and how to improve it. It’s easy to improve the style of your house in simple ways. For instance, you can buy new furniture. I’m counting this as maintenance tips because furniture goes out of style. If you want your home to look beautiful and new, you need to occasionally buy brand new furniture. Doing this is one of the easiest and best ways to make your home look new again.

But you can also think about interior aesthetic materials. For instance, a popular choice right now is to install hardwood floors. They look stylish, give your home a minimalist design and they’re not as expensive as most people believe. As well as this they are easy to maintain, and that’s a big bonus in my books.

You can think about your walls as well. You should do everything you can to keep them looking properly coloured. After several years, wall paint does start to run thinner. When this occurs, your home is going to look worse for wear. Keep a few paint tins in your garage and upgrade your coverings when and if you need to.


There are some awesome ways you can add a little more substance to your home. This type of maintenance will improve your home as well as increasing the value by massive amounts. One of the ways you can think about doing this is by upgrading your tech. Again, think about your kitchen, buying new appliances to improve the look and style of the room. One possibility is a head induction hob. The futuristic design looks awesome, and it fits in beautifully with a new, modern kitchen.

There are lot’s of other ideas to improve the substance of your home. But remember, you need to focus on the simplest fixes. Do this and your home will be fantastic, ready for a future sale. 

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