Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Redesign Your Living Room with Entertainment in Mind

When it comes to our homes, we know we love spending time there with our families. But we also like to entertain our friends and other guests. The trouble is we don’t always have enough space in our homes for a room for each purpose. One living room is often all we have, and it needs to fulfill all our needs. So how can you get the best out of one family area?

Entertainment is important. Most of us would love a cinema room that we can block out the light and immerse ourselves in the movie experience. But you can still get that from your living room. Seating in a horse shoe shape is perfect for viewing a screen and conversing with friends and guests. You can even use recliner seating that folds back into a regular sofa. A horse shoe shape means you can get the full surround sound experience from your audio system too.

Not all of us want a huge screen that takes up the whole wall. Large screen TVs are a good alternative. They’re not too intrusive, and we expect to see them in a family living room. The latest models are a very high definition and can provide an incredible quality picture. This makes them ideal for watching TV and movies.

For the movie loving family, it’s quite important to make the TV the focus of the room, even if you do regularly entertain guests too. You should try to position all your electronics near suitable power points. An electrician can install additional points if you need to reorient your room.

These days, you don’t need the TV to be near the satellite point. Streaming TV and movies means everything is wireless. You’ll still need an electric socket, but you won’t need a cable from your modem or a TV aerial if it’s not convenient. You can find out which is the best streaming device for your family by checking online reviews. Many are free, or you can subscribe to keep some of your old cable or satellite channels.

To create a cinema effect, why not install blackout roller blinds? They can be rolled up out of the way during the day. This means you don’t need to invest in heavy curtains. And all the natural light of the day can still stream through when you want it to. You can even have a cold drinks fridge in the corner of the room. What about some snacks? Grab a bag and share with the whole family.

A coffee table is essential in a family living room. When you have guests over, it’s ideal for placing hot cups of coffee and trays of cakes! Pick one that has additional storage like drawers underneath. This gives your controllers a home, and it’s handy for storing those movie snacks too.

Decor in the living room is frequently changed and easy to do when you’re ready. Think about a new color scheme this season with a bold accent to make it more vibrant. It’s great to have a fresh new look when you have guests over! Love entertaining and entertainment in your living room.

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