Friday, 22 April 2016

Furniture Shopping for Your New Home? Here's Everything You Need to Consider

Moving into a new home is exciting, nerve-wracking and daunting in equal measure. There’s a lot of stuff to move, buy and replace - and this mostly consists of furniture.

From sofas to desks, tables to chairs, your new home will need to be decked out to feel fresh, homely and new. Of course, buying a chair may sound like a walk in the park, but it shouldn’t be a blind purchase. So, consider this post your all-encompassing furniture buyers guide. Because, as you’ve heard many times before, a home is for life!

Can your family and friends help?

You might not have to start from scratch, and your friends, relatives and loved ones may be able to help. Ask around for any spare bits of furniture that you can use in the long-term, or temporarily. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to get everything you’ll need, but you might be able to start off with a coffee table or a dining table.

Bear in mind that this stuff may not fit with the interior design of your house, or the feel. That being said, it’s a good way to help you transition through the ‘moving in’ period. You can always replace these items when you are settled.

Check it before purchasing

Many companies, like House of Oak, allow you to browse their inventory online before buying in-store. You’ll definitely want to do the latter, as you never know what something will feel like until you’ve physically sat on it/touched it. When browsing in-store, be sure to sit on and test anything you are thinking of buying. Picture the items in your home, and imagine them alongside your walls and decor. Does it fit? It can be difficult to reverse your choice further down the line.

Think neutral colours

Neutral colours are much easier to decorate and accessorise. If you invest in blue and green furniture, your home will become restricted and won’t match with as many items. Think about everything you need to bring a room to life. Photo frames, vases, coasters, cushions… there are a lot of accessories that will need to match your furniture. Choosing neutral creams, whites and oaks will help your item fit snugly into your chosen room.

Long-lasting over comfort and looks

Furniture can become expensive, and as such, it’s important that you consider how long it will last over how it looks. Would you rather have something that lasts you many, many years, or that looks good in a certain light? You can always change how an item looks by accessorising it or adding decorations. What you can’t change, however, it its quality.

Factor in your pets

Small pets like kittens, puppies and rodents can get trapped underneath recliner sofas and chairs. This could even result in the pet being injured. If you have a lot of pets, consider the ramifications of reclining furniture.

In short, be a well-informed shopper! Your home deserves to be treated with respect - after all, it cost you a small fortune.

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