Sunday, 17 April 2016

The 3 Best Malls to Visit in Seattle

Making the purchase of one of the Seattle condos of your dreams is going to be enough to make you satisfied for a long time, but after you’ve settled in, you’re going to need some things to turn your new condo into a home. Spending may be a little limited after a big move, but many items need to be replaced and added before you can actually begin feeling comfortable in your new place.

A trip to the mall is always a great way to get the things you need, but you want to make sure you hit the hottest spots in the city.

Westlake Center

The Westlake Center, filled with shopping, food, and more, is a must-see destination for any avid shoppers in the area. With clothing stores to jewelry stores, such as Nordstrom Rack, Pandora, and Lush, you're bound to find a store that holds everything you need for your new home. You can also purchase a Shop Card, used similarly to an American Express card that allows you to shop at any stores and restaurants in the mall.

Northgate Mall

The Northgate Mall is yet another hot shopping spot that should be visited by every Seattle resident, new or old. This mall has every store you would ever want to visit, from clothing stores to Barnes & Noble and other stores. The mall is indoors, so you can go at any time of the year, and is located right off of a major highway, so it is easy to find.

Pacific Place

With raving reviews from Seattle residents, Pacific Place offers a wonderful shopping experience, as well as events on specific days during the year such as music and more. This particular shopping location also offers visitors a chance to enjoy a movie at its theater, so you can take a break from shopping and moving to relax with a new flick. Shoppers can enjoy a visit to Victoria's Secret, Barneys, Brookstone, and more.

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