Sunday, 1 May 2016

For a Healthy Home, Here is What You Should be Doing

A home should be a happy and safe place, but it should also be healthy. After all, how happy or safe can you really be if you aren’t in a healthy environment? With this in mind, here are a few tips and tricks for creating and maintaining the healthiest home on the block!

Your plants

Of course, it is important to keep healthy when at home by staying hydrated, but are you hydrating your plants? Keeping plants inside the home has numerous health benefits. They clean, filter and purify the air in your home for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, aside from looking after them of course. Plus, house plants look gorgeous and add a great vibe.

Your toothbrush

After brushing your teeth, do you just give the toothbrush a quick rinse in cold water and pop it on the side? Yes, so do most of us. However, experts recommend something entirely different. They suggest rinsing it in hot water and standing it up so it can air dry. Putting on the side puts in close contact with other germs that collect in the bathroom. This is because the microbes in your saliva end up on your brush. This means the germs quickly build up. An alternative that many people don’t even know is possible is washing it in the dishwasher!

Your air

Crack open a window every now and again, homeowners! In fact, do it as often as possible. The inside of the house will be full of old and stale air, otherwise. Take things one step further by installing an air purifier. They actively remove dirt and other such things in the air that might cause allergies or illness. They also have a deodorizing effect. Do you want to know what is the best air purifier for smoke? Or if you have pets? Look online for loads of up-to-date information.

Your shoes

Do you always ask guests to leave their shoes at the door, so you don’t get dirty floors? Well, you should be doing, because dirt isn’t the only thing that is being walked in. You should be especially careful during summer when allergies are at their highest. Have guest take their shoes off at the door, and do the same yourself. Even better is keeping them outside or in the hallway. Even if you do this, though, also be sure to keep your carpet and mats clean.

Your food

As long as your food was bought from a reputable place and isn’t past its sell-by date, you’re safe, right? Sadly, wrong. There are numerous risks and health hazards in your food and your kitchen. This is why you should always wash food like salad and vegetables. Also, be aware of just how dangerous you chopping boards can be. Always cut meat and vegetables of different boards, and wash them thoroughly when you’re done. Use water as hot as you can get it, and soap. Bleach them every now and again too, just to be on the safe side. Plus, if your board is getting a little old and tatty, replace it ASAP.

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