Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Horrible Things You Do Not Want to Find in Your Home

There isn’t a day goes by that we don’t feel impressed with ourselves. We have created beautiful homes for our families that are safe, secure, healthy and comfortable. But what would you do if you looked up one day and saw something horrible? When you find dirt, stains, or cobwebs in your home, you can feel like you’ve not been doing enough to keep your home looking good. Most of us have reeled in horror at these kinds of things. It happens to the best of us. But could it be even worse?

Imagine sitting on your sofa enjoying the latest installment of your favorite soap. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot something small, furry and tailed scamper under the sofa. Undoubtedly, you’ll leap out of your chair, and maybe even scream a little! Calling out the exterminator is one option. If you have a cat, chances are they have brought home a playmate. That means you only have one to deal with and not a nest. Humane traps can be purchased cheaply and reused. Pop some peanut butter inside and your little mouse friend can be released in a nearby field.

If you’re wary of cobwebs, you may be checking your kickboards and ceilings regularly. This is a good thing, because mold has a nasty habit of growing in these places. It can be caused by moist air from cooking or bathing. Or it can be caused by penetrative moisture through your bricks or roof. Mold can be very harmful to the elderly and children. It’s best to call in a professional to undertake the mold remediation necessary to get rid of it once and for all.

Insects may only be small, but they can do untold damage to your home. Worse still, there can be thousands of them lurking in your corners and small spaces. Nests of flying insects can be particularly hazardous and unpleasant. They can be built in any nook of your home. The noise and infestation can be enough to drive people from their homes. Some insects are protected, so they need to be professionally relocated.

Our beloved pets can sometimes bring all kinds of nasties into our homes. Fleas are a much bigger problem for them than for us. They can cause sores and skin infections for your pets if they’re not treated. Regular preventative medicines will avoid this. If you fear you have fleas in your home, place a small flat saucer of milk on your carpet. If they’re crawling on the carpet, they’ll soon be attracted to the milk trap. Carpet and home treatments are essential when you discover a flea.

Sometimes, pests can quickly take over. The only answer is fumigation. This can be expensive and require you to move out of the house for up to a week. Even the most beautiful homes can fall foul of pests, mold, and other nasties. Cleaning thoroughly can help prevent some of the problems, but sometimes you can just be the victim of bad luck. Don’t feel ashamed. But do call in some help!

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