Sunday, 1 May 2016

How You Can Update Your Living Room for Next to Nothing

The living room is one of the main rooms that we spend our time in. If you just have one reception room, it will be the room where a lot goes on. So as a result, it might be looking a bit drab and worn out. With summer coming, it seems like the perfect time to give the room an update. I know, you’ll be thinking that it is expensive to make changes to a room. It isn’t at all! Here are a few ways that you can breathe some fresh air into the room, by spending hardly anything.

Coffee Table Centerpiece

If you have a coffee table, or the room doubles up as a dining room, think about a centerpiece for the tables. It is a good idea to change up the display seasonally. You could start with a small tray and fill it with things you love; fresh flowers, scented candles or little trinkets. If you use candles, it is a good idea to vary the sizes of the candles that you use. This can cost next to nothing because chances are, you already have these things in the house. It is just collecting them altogether and making a display. Look online for some inspiration and get creative.

Pops of  Color

The room might need a little brightening up. With summer here, it is the best time to choose pops of bold color. Think about adding a few bright colored cushions or ones that have bold patterns. They will brighten the sofa right up! This is just the cost of the cushions. At this time of year, a lot of stores have these types of thing on sale. So shop around and only spend within your budget. It will cost as much or as little as you want it to!

Upcycle Furniture

One way to spend very little is to upcycle furniture that you already have. How about changing chair cushion covers yourself? Or how about making some existing furniture look vintage? Arteriors Furniture is all about sanding down wooden furniture like sideboards or tables to give it a distressed look. This adds a vintage feel and only cost the amount of sandpaper. You can even add this look to photo frames and furniture trimmings.

Chalkboard Paint

This is a fun thing to do and is inexpensive. If you’ve got children, it is a great idea! Choose a wall, or part of a wall that you can paint on chalkboard paint. Then you can write inspiring messages on it or just use it as a small play area for the kids. You could practice writing in fancy fonts and use chalkboard pens as well as regular chalk. Chalkboard paint doesn’t cost a lot, and it doesn’t take long for to paint a wall, does it? It is a fun addition to change up your room with.

Have you got any plans to update your living area this summer? I’d love to hear what you think and if you have any plans.

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