Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Simple Things You Can Do Today to Prevent Home Break Ins

Our homes are our safe and comfortable refuge from the rest of the world, and often our biggest assets. Filled with family memories and belongings, it is vital we protect our homes from break ins and burglaries. While we cannot prevent these totally, there are certain measures we can put it place to greatly reduce the risk:

Don’t Make it Obvious You’re Away

Firstly, when you do go away don’t make it obvious! Prepare your home when you go on trips to keep it safe while you’re away. Use automatic timers throughout the house to turn lights on and off, try ones with battery backups in case of power cuts. You can even get timers for tv’s and radios to really create an illusion. Timers for curtains and blinds are also popular now, as curtains left closed for days on end are a sure sign the house is empty.


Securing your perimeter is the first basic step when taking on projects to secure your land. A high fence will make it very difficult to get onto your property, and will deter most people from attempting to break in. Try Tek Gates & Fences for secure and high quality products, and have them fitted professionally to avoid people being able to tamper with them.

Invest  in Good Locks

Use solid doors with deadbolt locks on outside doors for the most secure entryways. Deadbolts should have a horizontal bolt at least 1 inch long, as shorter ones can be worked around with the right tools. Alternatively, consider internal saw-pin locks, as these are very difficult to cut through. Some locks even contain a mechanism that will destroy a drill bit if someone tries to drill through.

Front Garden Maintenance

Keeping your front garden trimmed and the lawn well maintained will ensure your home looks habited. A neglected garden can often look like the owners are away and encourage break ins, even if you are around. Cut back branches near windows as well, as these are often climbed to reach the upstairs on a house. And, make sure the garden is well lit and open so that no one can hide in dark shadows or corners.

Use a System

Using a cctv security camera or home security system in your home is an efficient way of keeping an eye on everything. Use a professional company to fit the cameras and make sure all areas are covered. While these systems aren’t a guarantee that people will not break into your home, they are a useful deterrent. They make difficult by increasing the risk that the burglar will be seen and caught. If it's obvious your house is alarmed, the burglar may look elsewhere for an easier target.

Speak to the Neighbours

Before you go away, speak to your neighbours and ask them to put your bins out and collect post for you. They could also keep an eye on your property and inform you of any suspicious activity. If burglaries are an issue in the area, discuss setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme within the community. It will soon become known, and will put any potential break ins off.

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