Saturday, 2 July 2016

Why You Need a Bathroom Designer

Let’s face it: not all of us are endowed with innate interior design ability. In fact, most of us would find it nearly impossible to come up with something that looks good on paper, let alone in real life. Yet we all want beautiful homes and beautiful bathrooms. It’s a big dilemma. So what should we do?

First of all, it should be noted that designing a bathroom isn’t a job that should be taken lightly. It’s a significant commitment of time and money. And second of all, if it goes wrong, it’ll be a massive disappointment.

If there was ever any time to call in the professionals, this was it. There're so many reasons why you need a bathroom designer. Here are just a few.

You’ll Get Their Attention To Detail

Designers tend to be deeply intuitive people. They’re able to almost feel their way to great designs, without really knowing exactly how they got there. They’re excellent at taking a design that’s been scribbled on a piece of paper and translating it into a 3D vision. This is all made possible by their ability to compose a scene. If you renovate your bathroom yourself, you’ll probably be left with something that looks a bit amateur and boring. But if you let a designer do it, they’ll bring things together in ways you didn’t expect.

Designers are also particularly good at keeping up to date with the latest bathroom trends. Being immersed in the industry, you’d expect as much. Often new trends are driven by new features and details. And so it’s these that they’ll be able to bring to you, well ahead of the bathroom retailers.

They Will Bargain Hard On Your Behalf

Renovating a bathroom is a big project. So it’s very likely that you’ll have to deal with a whole range of contractors. Everyone from decorators to plumbers. In big projects, it’s important to have somebody on your side who knows what they’re doing.

This is another instance in which bathroom designers are helpful. They know the ins-and-outs of the renovation process. And so they know where the work of one contractor ends and another begins. That means that they know if a particular contractor isn’t pulling their weight. And they’ll be able to fight your corner in these situations.

They Will Save You Time

Having somebody on your side with a lot of expertise can prove to be very helpful in saving you time. Professional designers will know which materials are appropriate to use in your bathroom. And they will know whether one technology will be faster than another. Instead of learning all this by trial and error, you’ll have the hand of experience guiding the whole process.

What’s more, regulations on building bathrooms is becoming ever more stringent. If planners find out that your bathroom doesn’t meet basic standards, it may have to be torn down. And nobody wants that. Bathroom designers know about building code requirements.

The codes themselves are typically quite involved. It often requires a professional touch to get a bathroom redesign off the ground. Designers are far more able to submit designs to examiners that are compliant than rank amateurs. They have up to date knowledge of how rules and regulations have changed and what can and can’t be done.

They Understand The Language

All professions have their own unique language. And the same goes for bathroom designers. They know the jargon required to translate a design into practice. And they can guide you through what could otherwise be a steep learning process.

People who go it alone often end up with problems in the building stage. Without understanding the language, there are misinterpretations of the plans. And often it’s too late to change things by the time that they’re noticed.

What’s more, designers tend to have a sense of whether the building process is going in the direction you want. As an amateur, you probably won’t be able to tell until the work is finished. But designers will be able to halt the renovation before any unwarranted changes are baked into the finished product.

They Will Contact Their Own Trusted Professionals

Bathroom designers aren’t lone wolves. They’ll know a whole host of other tradespeople and professionals. As a result, they’ll know who you should and shouldn’t do business with based on experience. They may even be able to make recommendations on who should do what when it comes to the actual renovation stage. If you can, employ this network of skilled workers to your advantage and get the bathroom of your dreams.

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