Friday, 5 August 2016

An Emergency Guide to Help You Combat Water Damage

When you experience water damage, the last thing you want to do is wait around to see what sort of damage has occurred. This emergency guide is here to help you take the correct steps to minimize damage and get things sorted as fast as is humanly possible.

Find the Source

First, find the source of the water damage if it is safe for you to do so. If you can stop the water, then stop the water. If not, leave well alone and call in a professional to help you. You really need to make sure that there’s no way you can get electrocuted or hurt yourself in any way. It’s still very important to stay hygienic if you have water damage in the home, so always wash your hands after dealing with anything.

Get Help if Needed

If you can’t deal with this alone, get help. You may pay an even bigger price if you try to save money by doing it yourself. Simply find the right water damage restoration service for you and tell them about your emergency.  

Focus on Your Safety

When it comes to water damage, it isn’t about saving all of your things. It’s about your safety first and foremost. Make a risk assessment so you know whether you’re going to be able to stop the water as well as save your things without hurting yourself. If electricals are wet, you should stay away from the water until help can get to you.

Remove Excess Water If Possible

If you can remove the excess water from the area, do so using things like mops and towels. Whatever you do, do not try to remove the water using things like a vacuum cleaner. This is very dangerous and could result in injury.

Gather Up Valuables and Put Somewhere Safe

If you can grab your valuables, pick them up and put them somewhere safe. Remove electricals only ever if it’s safe, and take away things like books that can easily be damaged by water.

Turn Your Air Conditioning on

During summer time, using your air conditioning to dry up the water can make things go faster. However, if using your air con could cause more problems, don’t do it.

Never Use Household Appliances

Never use your household appliances when water damage is present in the home. Wait until you know the problem has been remedied. You might be in for a nasty surprise if you ignore this advice. Keep everything switched off and stay as far away from your electricals as possible.

Keep out of Rooms with Ceiling Damage

If you have ceiling damage due to the water and it appears to be sagging, make sure you steer well clear of these rooms. Avoid using any ceiling fixtures too. This will keep you as safe as possible.

Use this guide to help you combat water damage as quickly as possible. Remember, your main concern should be keeping yourself and your family safe. Only then should you consider saving any of your belongings.

Hope you’re having a good no-water-damage day!  Until my next post!

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