Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cunning Ways to Add More Space to Your Home

Most modern homes do not have enough space, unless you are a celebrity and you can afford to splash out on a 20-bed mansion. Sadly, we all invariably need extra space, so if you are running out of room for your designer handbag collection, here are some tips to help you create extra space in your home.

Garage Storage Solutions

Garages are used for all kinds of things, from parking vehicles to working out in a home gym. Unfortunately, many garages also become a dumping ground for unwanted items. If your garage is poorly designed and you struggle to find space for anything, it is worth investigating garage storage solutions.

Straightforward shelving systems are useful, but they rarely make the best use of available space. One way to maximize garage space is to construct a bespoke storage system. Instead of using open shelves, build cupboards and worktop space, so you have plenty of storage for your DIY equipment and hobbies.

Walk-In Closets

A wardrobe is rarely the best way to store clothing and other accessories. Most wardrobes are standard sizes, which means they do not fit so well in rooms of non-standard proportions. For example, if you have an attic bedroom with low hanging eaves, a regular wardrobe will not fit properly.

Walk-in closets can be designed around your individual specifications. You can have extra tall cupboards built to make the most of the wall space, racks for shoes, and pull out drawers for ties, belts and other accessories. If you have enough space, design closets for your summer and winter wardrobes. It is better than storing unwanted clothing in boxes or beneath the bed.

Dual Functioning Furniture

Furniture is useful, but if you need extra storage space in your home look for items that can multi task. Desks are far more useful when they have fitted filing cabinets and bookshelves attached. The same applies to tables – look for tables with shelves or drawers, so you have somewhere to keep magazines and books.

Under Stairs Storage

Do not neglect the space under the stairs. In many homes, this space is woefully underused. If you have an under stairs cupboard, build shelves to make the most of what space you have. Alternatively, open up the area beneath the stairs and turn it into a home office or hobby space. Build cupboards, a desk, and shelves.

Kitchen Storage

Kitchens offer plenty of opportunities to add extra storage if you invest in clever space saving solutions for inside your cabinets. Plan your kitchen storage from the outset and look at ways to make the most of all available space.

Custom Storage Solutions

Custom designed storage solutions can be made to measure, so all available space is utilized. You do not need to spend a fortune. Many large home design stores sell customized home storage solutions, which you can fit yourself if you have the requisite skills. Alternatively, you could hire a local carpenter and see what great ideas he has.

Hope everyone’s having a great day See you all again next time!

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