Friday, 5 August 2016

Do You Have a Rodent Problem? You're in the Right Place!

Whether you’re unsure if you have a rodent problem or you know for a fact that you do, you’re in the right place. Recognizing you have a problem is the first step. After that, you need to take the right steps to getting rid of them. Not only can they be dirty and annoying, you can pick up diseases from them! Read on to learn what to do if this happens to you…

Recognizing Your Rodent Problem

There are a number of signs you should look for if you feel you have a rodent problem. These include:

🐭 A funny smell in your home. House mice in particular have an acetamide smell.
🐭 You should be able to notice greasy fur marks where they are making their way around your home.
🐭 Mouse and rat droppings.
🐭 Gnaw marks in metals are a sign of rats.
🐭 Gnaw marks on other areas of the home could indicate both rats and mice.

Getting rid of mice and rats is very important. You’ll be lucky if they don’t damage your home or property in anyway - only 18% of homes who have a rodent infestation come out unscathed. The rest can pick up bacteria, diseases, and even have wires chewed, causing fires and damages. If you want some tips on getting rid of them, read on…

Store All Food Properly

Make sure that all of your food is being stored properly. If you are leaving bits of food on the floor and sides, or giving pets bits in between meals, all of these things could be attracting rodents. Use tubs that are sealed well and similar products to keep your food where it belongs. Always clean up right after eating!

Keep Your Home as Clean as Possible at All Times

Having a hygienic home is one of the best ways to keep them out too. If there are bit of food, drink, and other sticky substances lying around, they will be attracted. Clean as regularly as you can and make sure you use suitable products.

Use Electromagnetic Devices to Deter Them

Electromagnetic devices are used indoors and can help to drive the rodents away with interference. You can also use ultrasound devices. However, be sure you haven’t got any bats in your home before using these items, or you’ll have another problem on your hands. It’s one of the most humane ways to get rid of rodents.

Put Peppermint Oil Around Suspected Rodent Entries

Peppermint oil is too strong for mice to bear. If you use a piece of cotton wool to dab this around the entrance, or where you think they are entering, you might find that it deters them.

Get Professionals in to Help You

If your infestation is quite serious, then you could consider getting the rat control professionals in to help you rid your home of them.

Consider Using Repellent and Poison

Using repellent and poisons is one option. However, the rodents tend to die slowly, and this isn’t very humane. Plus, if they leave the house before they die and then an owl or a similar animal eats them, they will be poisoned too.

Try Different Kinds of Traps

There are traps of all kinds you can use. Traps that do not kill the rodents are useful, but you will need to be prepared to take them at least 2km away from your home, or you may just end up meeting them back there. There are traps that kill the rodents, but you will then need to deal with the dead rodents - and that isn’t a pleasant experience for anybody.

Rodent Prevention in the Future

One of the best things you can do is work on preventing this kind of thing from happening in the future. Go over your home and work out where the rodents could have gotten in, and fix any holes and damage. You could even get a cat if you haven’t already, as they are great at keeping rodents at bay. You should also keep your home clean and clutter free, as well as use repellents around your home. You should then find you don’t have to take any drastic steps to remove them in the future.

I hope this guide has helped you to recognize whether you have a problem and figure out what you’d like to do about it. I would always recommend trying the most humane ways of getting rid of the rodents before trying anything drastic. Leave any tips or thoughts you have below. Bye for now!

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