Monday, 8 August 2016

Kids and Gardens: Make Safety a Priority

Your garden may be your pride and joy. But is it safe for children to spend time in? This is something that all homeowners should consider before inviting kids to play in it. Whether it’s your own children or a family friend’s, it’s your responsibility to make it a safe environment. Children love to spend time outside, and it’s fantastic for their wellbeing. But your garden is also full of potential hazards that could cause them harm. Instead of stopping them from spending time in your garden, why not do something about it? Use this guide to help you create a garden that your whole family can enjoy.

🐾  Add shade

While some natural lighting improves your health, too much of it can have adverse effects. Children, in particular, can easily overheat and develop sunstroke when exposed to the sun’s rays. So you need to ensure that your garden has a combination of shaded and open areas. This will be beneficial to both your family and the plants in your garden. You could add an awning to your home to provide shade to your decking or outdoor eating area. You might want to use large umbrellas to add shade to areas on your lawn too. Climbing and oversized plants look beautiful while also being shady when you sit beneath them.

🐾  Remove all chemicals

Chemical such as weed killer can help make our gardens look their very best. But they can be extremely deadly if they are consumed. Young children discover new things by putting them into their mouths. If they were to lick or consume these chemicals, it could have devastating effects. If they get onto their hands, they can also cause damage to their delicate skin and eyes. Remove all garden chemicals from your outdoor space and lock them away. Also, check your flower beds to make sure that there are no pellets for them to find. When playing outside, make sure your child or relative doesn’t go near areas where you have used these products. Especially if you’ve only sprayed or applied them recently.

🐾  Fence off ponds

Ponds look fantastic within a garden area, but they can also be a risk to children. So make sure these are fenced off or covered. This will restrict their access and reduce the risk of an accident occurring. The fencing you choose to surround your pond can help to enhance the look of your garden as well as its safety. Consider the theme of your garden and use this to help you find suitable choices. Netting and chicken wire are popular options that you can temporarily cover your pond with. Ensure that your fencing or pond cover cannot be easily removed by a child for optimal safety. Remember never to leave children unattended when near to water sources like ponds and fountains.

The advice in this guide should help you create a safe and family-friendly garden in no time. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will also make your outdoor space more enjoyable to be in. So get these changes made and allow your entire family to use your garden to it’s full potential.

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