Friday, 12 August 2016

Your Guide to Investing and Adding Real Value to Your Home

Our houses are more than just our homes. They’re also a tremendously important and expensive part of our assets. We all want to work our way into a better financial state and how you treat your house is a part of that. You can have a home of many years and still turn it into a profit if you take proper care of it. Here, we’re going to look at four key elements of gaining that profit.

The glaring error

First, you have to know that there are some problems that will cause a major dip in your home’s value. Problems you can’t cover up with a lick of paint. We’re talking about structural damage. If you’re selling, you need to seriously consider whether or not you should invest in repairs. Sagging or leaking roofs and rising damp. Structural cracks to walls and missing or broken roof tiles. These defects can all be fixed, but it comes with a price.

Add some space

Once you’ve got it fixed up, the next best way to add value is to actually add to the home. There is no more sure-fire way of making a home more valuable than by giving it more space. There are a variety of ways you can do this, too. Convert your loft or finish your basement to create more liveable space. Or you can keep that usable space by adding a granny flat. Builders like make it easy to set up a whole extra building on your property, adding lots of value at the same time.

The two rooms that matter

There are two rooms that housing agents swear by. That will always sell the house, as far as they’re concerned. They’re talking about the two most practical rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen. So if you’re doing any work in making over the home, you have to start there. For the kitchen, think of adding surfaces that are easier to clean and modern looking. Tile floors and granite counters are always a good tip. Sites like can give you some other ideas on the kitchen. With bathrooms, you want them to look fresh and cleanly. Use whites and other bright colours, while maximising natural light’s role with fogged window styles.

Preparing for a sale

It’s not just the big changes that matter, either. It’s how you prepare the home when the time for a sale comes around. One of the best ideas is to simply make the entrance look more inviting. If you have a wooden front door, paint it bright. Hang some plants by it. Get a professional cleaning company in to make sure everything is absolutely spotless. If you have pets, make sure they’re out of the house. No-one wants a dog jumping all over them when they’re viewing a home.

It’s about both style and substance. It’s about preparing it for a sale and making sure you’ve got an accommodating style for the whole house. Then it’s about making sure they have space that buyers can get more use out of. Take care of these elements and you’ll be making money.

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