Thursday, 3 November 2016

Keep Your Kids Safe by Teaching them these Valuable Lessons

Being protective of our kids is all part of being a parent. They are the light of our lives so we try to everything we can to protect them from anything that could cause them harm. This is relatively easy to do when you are with them. But it’s much harder to keep your kids safe when you are apart. They might be at school, and you could be at work for instance. As you can’t spend every minute of the day with your kids, it’s important to teach your kids some simple safety precautions. To help you do this, here are some valuable lessons all kids should be taught in order to stay safe from harm.

Memorize your phone number and address

Even when you are with your kids, it can be easy for them to wander off and get lost. You might be in a grocery store or visiting a nearby park. It’s almost impossible to predict when these incidents will occur. But you can help your kids get prepared by helping them to memorize your phone number and home address. If they can confidently provide this information, it can make it easier for them to be found sooner. It can also be useful if your child needs medical attention at school or during days out when you aren’t there.

There are a number of ways in which you can teach your child their address and phone number. One of the most effective is by turning this information into a memorable song that your child can sing to you each morning. Frequently asking them to sing this song will help them to remember the details more easily. Try not to confuse your child by asking them to remember too much information all at once. It can be more beneficial for them to learn more piece of information by heart before moving onto the other. For instance, once they have memorized their phone number only then should you start teaching them your address.

Locking doors and windows

A lot of children don’t realize the importance of locking doors and windows when nobody is home. So it’s your responsibility to help them understand. This is particularly important if your children will soon be old enough to stay at home by themselves. Explain to your children about the threat of burglaries, but try not to scare them with too many details. Let them know that locking doors and windows when you leave the house can help protect their belongings and family. You can then create a game where they have to find the right key for the right lock. This will show them how easy it can be to stay safe at home and help them be more vigilant.

In addition to locking doors and windows, you should also talk to your kids about your house alarm. They need to know what it sounds like and what they need to do if they hear it. If they are mature enough, you could also show them how to set it and turn it off. This lesson can help them remain calm which can also prevent them from injuring themselves. If you don’t have an alarm system, consider getting one from Ackerman security or other security system providers. This will help you stop your family from becoming the victims of a burglary.

Crossing the road correctly

Children who don’t know how to cross roads safely have an increased chance of being involved in an accident. This could lead to severe injury or even a fatality, which could have been easily avoided. So you need to ensure that teaching your kids how to cross the road is a top priority. Especially if they want to walk to and from school with their friends as they get older. The best method for doing this is by demonstrating to your kids on an actual road. Choose a quiet street in your neighborhood where you and your kids can go to practise. This will give them the clearest understanding possible of what they need to do.

Show your kids how to look both ways and to listen for oncoming traffic. Let them know the importance of focusing on the road and not being distracted by their friends or by listening to music. You should discourage them from crossing the roads in between parked cars. In addition to this, you should also show your kids how to use road crossings correctly too. Take them to a local pedestrian crossing and teach them how to use it and when they can cross safely.

Dealing with strangers

Stranger danger is one of the most crucial safety lessons your child needs to know about. Without it, they can be too trusting of people they don’t know, which could make them an easy target. To avoid this, your kids need to know how to deal with strangers. Explain in clear terms to your child that they need to shout ‘stranger danger’ if anybody approaches them with sweets or gifts. If the stranger asks them to go with them, also encourage them to run away to a safe place.  It can be beneficial to do this through role play so your child can practise what they need to do.

You will also need to teach your children about strangers online. If someone speaks to them who they don’t know, make sure they don’t reply and tell you immediately. This allows you to quickly determine who the person is. Also tell them not to give out any personal details online such as their name, address or school. Always monitor your child’s computer time for additional safety too.

Teaching your children these valuable lessons will help keep them safe now and as they get older. Make these lessons enjoyable to pique your child’s interest but don’t forget to make sure they are clear and educational too. That way your child can get a deeper understanding of how to protect themselves. The sooner you start teaching your kids about the importance of safety the better. So don’t wait until after something bad occurs before you get started. 

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