Friday, 4 November 2016

Stop Your Baby Overheating at Home With these Terrific Tips

Overheating is a serious condition for anyone to experience. But babies are particularly vulnerable and are considered the most at risk. Not only can overheating make them seriously unwell, but it also makes sudden infant death syndrome more likely to occur. Understandably this is an outcome no parent wants for their child if they can help it. Your baby can overheat for a number of reasons. They could be wrapped up too tightly to protect them from the cold or spend too long in direct sunlight in your garden. Thankfully there are things you can do to keep your baby cool at home. Read through these terrific tips and protect your baby from this potential threat.

Bathe them before bedtime

Babies love to spend time in the water, so why not use this to your advantage. A cool bath can be the perfect remedy to help keep their temperature down. This is a practical method that all parents should use, particularly during hot days and evenings. Giving your baby a cool bath before bedtime can help them to relax and feel more comfortable. It can also help to prevent overheating. Just remember not to keep your baby in cool water for too long as this could result in them getting a cold.

As tempting as it might be to answer your phone or check on dinner, never leave your baby unattended in the bath. Constant supervision is required to keep them as safe as possible.

Avoid overdressing

The clothing you put your baby in can make them look adorable and protect them from the weather. But overdressing can also be a top cause of overheating. So even though it might be cold outside, you need to be careful with how many layers your baby is wearing. Consider what you would consider to be appropriate clothing for the current temperature. Use this to influence how much clothing your baby needs to wear. Remember that you can always put a blanket around them or add layers if they become too cold. To prevent them overheating during the night, avoid thick nightwear and heavy blankets too.

Install an air conditioner

Installing an air conditioner can be an effective way to keep your home cool, which can stop your baby getting too warm. This can lower the risk of them developing heat-related illnesses considerably. Air conditioning can be a welcomed addition to your home as it can help you regulate the temperature more effectively. This is ideal during hot and humid days, particularly during the summer. Another bonus is that it can help your baby get a better night’s sleep, which is also good for their health. So if you haven’t already, start looking at air conditioning services online who can install a unit as soon as possible.

These tips will help you to keep your baby comfortable, while also protecting them from the threat of overheating. Find out more about the signs of overheating online or by asking your doctor. That way you can act quickly and keep your baby out of harm’s way if needs be.

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