Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why You Should Check Your Attic Ventilation

There is probably no homeowner who would stand idly by if they were aware of the need for better home air ventilation.  Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware of how common poor air ventilation is in a home, and simply don’t know to check for it. The damage at-risk, however, could be very costly – it's possible there could even be a roof collapse if the problem is allowed to continue for a long time. Inadequate ventilation causes extensive moisture issues that can lead to leaks, rot, and severe structural damage. A properly ventilated home; however, allows for moisture in the air to be released outside, mitigating the build-up of moisture. Studies demonstrate that a family of four can produce anywhere from two to four gallons of water in the air daily.

One of the more noticeable examples of houses that have inadequate ventilation and insulation is the formation of dangerous icicles in the winter months. These icicles can accumulate, under ideal conditions,as rapidly as 1 cm per minute. The dynamics involved in this phenomenon include a number of factors including the accumulation of snow on the roof, which has an insulating property, and the movement of the warm air and cool air; however, the details of the phenomena don’t matter. What does matter is what those icicles represent – if you notice an extensive amount of icicles develop on your home, this could be cause for concern. Contact a highly recommended roofing company like the Toronto-based Professional Roofers to come and inspect your roof and attic to ensure your ventilation system is functioning adequately. A qualified company will be able to tell you if you have any problems and what needs to be done. The best roofing companies, like Professional Roofers, will also offer a free consultation and estimate, so there really is no downside to contacting them for a second opinion.

You can also choose to have your home inspected by a home inspector if you feel there may be more problems than just the roof or ventilation; however, this service comes at a cost. The agency responsible for identifying the knowledge, skills and abilities for a home inspector to be certified is the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and it is important to ensure the inspector you choose is certified.

Other damages from inadequate ventilation tend to occur inside the home itself. Poor ventilation leads to a build-up of moisture within the house, most noticeable in the low-traffic regions of the home where temperature changes are the most severe: the basement and the attic. This can even mean breaches to the structural integrity of the home, as water settles on and subsequently breaks down wooden joists, insulation, and plywood. The most common and easiest way to spot poor ventilation in the home is from mould buildup, which can also have health effects on human life as well as to the property.

In terms of prospective costs to the occupants' wellbeing and the benefits of a properly ventilated home, it truly pays to take precautions to examine your house’s ventilation system and make sure it is functioning effectively. If you need help, there are qualified professionals in your area who will be able to assist you in the inspection of your home, good luck!

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