Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is very much a bittersweet experience. It can be beautiful and calming, as we let our bodies rest and relax - unwinding after a long day. But, it can also be tedious and frustrating, especially when our bodies just refuse to slip into sleep.

If the latter sounds a lot more like your usual sleep pattern, you’re not alone. So many of us struggle to rest at night. Whether it’s stress at work or an out of sync body-clock, there are kinks in our routines that we need to iron out. When we do, we’ll be on our way to a better night's sleep. Just follow the four steps and see how it works out for you.

Switch Off

One of the main culprits for our bodies not being able to sleep is being too alert when we attempt to sleep. If one minute you’re checking the news on the phone, and the next you’re searching out sleep, you’re almost certainly going to struggle. Your brain is far too engaged with the stories you’re reading. You mind wonders, and the last thing it cares about is sleep. So, to improve your chances of getting a good night sleep, stay away from your devices for an hour or so before bed. You’re not at the office now guys!

Soothe Yourself

One of the best ways to get your body ready for bed is by having a healthy routine. Then, just a like a child does, your body will recognise the sights of it being bedtime. You could try installing moodier lighting so that your eyes can adjust, or even start to drink chamomile tea before bed. Its soothing qualities could be just what you need to send you into a deep sleep. Just pour yourself a cup and head up to bed with the intention of relaxation and welcoming rest.

Wind Down

Now that you know you need to switch off, you’ll need to swap your old bedtime habits for new ones. Your devices are turned off or in another room and you’re staying away from caffeine [no stimulants allowed at night], opting for chamomile instead. Now, what? It’s time to pick up a book. Even if you’re not the most avid reader, but indulging in a novel or some non-fiction before bed, your body relaxes, and you start preparing yourself for sleep. If you really can’t get into a good book, then why not try music? Something soft and smooth could send you right off to sleep.

Invest In Sleep

Perhaps the reason that you’re not sleeping well is more to do with your set up than anything else. Do you love being in bed? Are you comfortable? Maybe you need to upgrade your surroundings to get a better sleep. Opting for a new mattress that meets your comfort needs, a 2 in 1 pillow and new duvet set could make all the difference in your sleep experience. It’s important that your bed is a space that you see as relaxing so that you can allow it body to unwind when it’s there.

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