Friday, 6 January 2017

Why Air Quality is Important

Have you ever been in a room or a building which just felt a little better than others? If so, the air quality may well have been an important factor. Everything from the freshness, temperature and humidity of air can impact the way we think and feel about a building in more ways than one, which is why more sophisticated automated systems are coming to market which make our rooms look and feel a whole lot better.

You can see an example of the range of systems on offer from They are just one of a number of companies providing innovative, next generation, solutions to provide natural and automated ventilation in a room.

How Natural Ventilation Can Work

Natural ventilation can use a number of systems open and close windows as and when the situation demands. A system might include any of the following:

An MCU control unit; rain sensors to signal when windows should be sealed, wind sensors, a thermostat, a handheld rocker switch or a handheld remote control. The system can then work autonomously to identify when changes need to be made. Alternatively, using the remote control it’s possible to quickly and simply make changes from wherever you are in the building.

This is just one example – systems tend to be bespoke and can come in a range of configurations. As a building owner, you should work closely with your supplier – whoever they may be – to identify the ideal solution for your building. Ongoing support can ensure any problems are swiftly rectified and systems can be improved or upgraded as and when you need to.

A Healthy Environment

The issue is more important than just aesthetics or comfort. As the World Health Organisation’s guidelines state: “clean air is a basic requirement of life”, whether we’re in our homes, at work or a public building. If it suffers, pollutants and other contaminants can quickly affect health and general quality of life. As the Guardian reported, poor quality housing, including poor air conditions, cost the NHS an estimated £600million per year.

Regulations regarding air quality are evolving all the time, and building managers will need to keep up with latest developments. However, ensuring the quality of air can be expensive, time consuming and energy intensive. The natural ventilation approach is a much lower impact way of managing air quality. Put simply this is the process of adding or removing air from a building with no mechanical means. Traditionally, this means opening and closing a window, but the next generation of products are changing that.

The future is a whole lot more advanced and sophisticated. These next generation ventilation products offer a seamless and automated way to keep a building ventilated. The benefits will be felt through air quality which creates a more pleasant atmosphere and is healthier into the bargain. The best thing to do is to work with a provider to find out how to get the best set up for you. 

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