Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Boost Your Sleep with these Simple Bedroom Changes

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, it’s so important to remember that sleep should be your top priority. After all, as much as you can ensure the bedroom looks fantastic, a stunning room isn’t necessarily going to mean a good night’s sleep. And we need to have a good sleep haven to ensure we can stay well and healthy. After all, sleep is one of the essential factors when it comes to remaining in good health. Therefore, it’s worth looking at updating your bedroom to ensure it is the perfect place for some sleep. Here are some simple bedroom changes you should make to boost your sleep.

Change the bedroom colour

A lot of people don’t think twice when choosing a colour for their bedroom. After all, they just want a beautiful colour which will ensure they can get stunning sheets and curtains to match. However, you need to think about how the colour will affect your sleeping pattern. After all, if you currently have a bright color in your bedroom like a yellow or a red, it might be causing you to have sleepless nights in your bedroom. These colours can activate your brain, so instead of feeling sleepy, you will feel wide awake.

To boost your sleep, you need to change the colour of your bedroom to a calming colour. For example, you might want to repaint the room blue or green. Both of these will ensure your mind feels relaxed when you hit the sheets. And it will help you to drift off to the land of nod sooner rather than later! Remember to limit heavy wall patterns in your bedroom to avoid cluttering your mind which will cause you to have a bad night’s sleep. Therefore, go for a simple wallpaper in your sleeping quarters to ensure you drift off quickly at night.

Swap to a better mattress

You might have had the same mattress for years. After all, a lot of us avoid going to get a new one due to the cost. And it’s a lot more convenient to just stick to the same one. But it could actually be causing you to have a bad night’s sleep if you have a poor mattress in your bedroom. If you don’t have one which is supporting your back and neck properly, you might be moving around during the night. And you might end up waking up with a bad ache the next morning! Also, if it’s lost its firmness over recent years, it’s also going to cause you to have sleepless nights. Therefore, it’s time to change the mattress to boost your sleep.

Have a look online for great options which you can buy for your bed. There are some retailers like John Ryan by Design who will work with you to find the best mattress for your bedroom. After all, they can take in factors like your weight and age to find the right mattress for you. And remember to get the correct size for your bed. After all, you don’t want to have to end up sending it back as it doesn’t fit your bed frame right! And look on mattress toppers if you need some extra support!

Time to change the curtains

It’s likely that you chose your curtains as they were perfect for your current theme in the bedroom. In fact, you might have picked them so they would match with your duvet cover! But it might be time to change the curtains as they could be affecting your sleeping habits. If they are a thin design, they might be allowing a lot of sunlight into the bedroom. As you might know, your brain will kick into gear when it sees sunlight. The brain will think it’s morning so it might wake you up. And then once you are awake in the middle of the night, you will struggle to get back to sleep. Therefore, you should swap your curtains to a heavier design which will block all sunlight from reaching your bedroom until you open your curtains.

You can even look at getting some blackout curtains for your sleeping quarters. Whether you want to sleep day or night, they will ensure all light is stopped from entering the room to ensure you get some proper kit!

And remember you need to make sure you add things to your bed like a good throw over and cushions which will make it extra cozy. That way, you will head to the land of slumber sooner rather than later!

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