Friday, 17 March 2017

From Household Beginner to a Domestic Goddess Winner

We’re not all born domestic goddesses, and most of us have to start right at the bottom and work our way up to this sought-after title. It can be especially difficult for those of us who have recently bought our first home or moved out of our parent’s, as all of the responsibility that comes with running a household is completely new to us. Need a hand working your way from household beginner to domestic goddess winner? Here are some useful pointers.

Experiment To Find What Works For You

We all have different ways of doing things, and all the domestic goddesses out there will have worked hard to find out exactly what works for them. For instance, you might find that you prefer certain cleaning products when you are tackling your bathroom. You could also find that you prefer cooking with one brand’s range of ingredients when you are making a feast in the kitchen for your family! Don’t feel bad if some of your experimenting goes wrong, though. It’s all part of working your way to domestic goddess status!

Use Helpful Resources

If you are ever stuck or end up needing advice, there are plenty of places you can turn. If your family pet hasn’t been itself lately, you could check pet blogs such as to see if there is any useful advice and information on common symptoms. Struggling to help your children with their daily homework? You will find plenty of free resources online that you can use to help strengthen your own knowledge and homework know-how.

Diversify Your Skillset

The chances are that you find one area of running a household pretty easy to handle. You might have no troubles whipping up healthy family meals or getting all of your housework done in one single day. But rather than just relying on your one awesome skill, why not start to focus on others that you don’t do so well to try and improve them? By diversifying your skill set, you will quickly find taking care of your family and home a lot easier to deal with. When it comes to learning new skills, think about things like techniques for repairing clothes and DIY.

Stick To A Timetable

No one likes spending their free time doing chores and household work, but it all has to be done, unfortunately! The easiest way to get through it all efficiently is to set up a timetable and allocate specific times for jobs. For example, allocate a certain day or afternoon to your laundry. By splitting up your time like this, you will be able to see exactly how much free time you have for fun things such as hobbies and spending time with the kids. You can use a simple wall planner to divide up your time, like the ones at Etsy:

Once you start following all of these great tips, you will find that you quickly go from household beginner to domestic goddess winner! You’ll even be able to rival Martha Stewart!

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