Friday, 3 March 2017

Home Investments Which Will Make All the Difference

From scented candles to shells in the bathroom, it can be fun to focus on the small accessories which brighten up our homes. But are we neglecting the bigger picture? It can be tempting to clutter our homes with impressive nick-nacks, whilst ignoring the larger jobs that need to be done. The initial layout for these big jobs is high, but it’ll be well worth it. Check out these home investments which will make all the difference to your home.


A well-fitted, great colored carpet is a great foundation for a room. Besides paint, it’s possibly the only other large block of color you’ll have in a space. So it needs to set the tone and mood appropriately. If you have carpeted floors, they may be feeling worn and thin underfoot after so much wear and tear. Replacing them is a great investment and immediately makes a home feel luxurious.

If you’re opting for a thick carpet which you can sink into, stick to darker color. A thick carpet is decadent and your color scheme needs to be equally sensuous to match. Deep purples or classic grays are a great way to go. If you have wooden flooring, you want to accentuate that rather than cover it up. A small sheepskin rug is a good way to add some interest and warmth to a room. Without overshadowing the beautiful floors. Make sure your floors are sanded back for the full impact.


Instead of just sticking a boring conical lampshade onto a raw bulb, get creative with your lighting. Lighting can be used to enhance the atmosphere of a house. It can make rooms warmer and focus our attention on specific areas. If you want to flood a room with natural light, shop around for windows at Northwest Exteriors. Alternatively add some atmosphere to rooms with lamps, low-slung fittings, and different shaped shades. There are also some great decorative neon pieces that add personality to a room. Fairy lights can also work when done tastefully. Just be careful not to go overboard with your illuminations!


If there’s any room in the house where you should invest your time and money, its the bathroom. The bathroom is a communal room that needs to work for everybody. But it should also be an area that you can escape to for some solace and tranquility.

Bathroom storage is a great investment. Messy shampoo bottles and discarded razors don’t set a tranquil atmosphere. Instead, invest in some vanity units or cabinets and store your toiletries away. A sunken bath is an easy [but expensive] way to replicate a spa-like feel. Get some good quality towels and robes to put in your bathroom too. Whilst it may be pricey, this room deserves some love and attentions.

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