Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Home Tech Ideas that Even Technophobes Will Love

The technological world tends to move faster than we can begin to process it, and if you’re a technophobe you might not know where to start with technology in your home. Here are some tips on where to begin...

Home Security

If you want to feel secure in your home then security technology is absolutely something that you should focus on. To be entirely honest, you don’t need to worry too much about your alarm - it’s good to get a simple one that you feel absolutely comfortable about using, and to make sure that the fact you have an alarm is obvious from the outside of the house - this will deter any opportunistic intruders making their way around your neighborhood. If you’d like to keep a closer eye on the outside of your home you could always install security cameras which swivel and that have night vision and a zoom. Finally, you could install a lock on your door that’s triggered through your phone, or with a fob or card instead of a key.

Streaming Apps

If you want to get rid of all your old piles of DVDs and maybe even VHS tapes, then streaming is the best possible option. There are lots of apps like ShowBox that provide a big range of movies and TV shows that you can plug into your TV and watch without having to buy them individually or invest in even more home storage - if you’re curious you can get ShowBox from this page. If you have kids and you’re trying to chill out in the evenings without spending too much money and without having to babysit too often, a streaming app is absolutely ideal to provide you and your partner with a little entertainment.


Pretty much every parent makes a resolution not to let their kids go anywhere near screens, but the truth is that they can actually be a pretty good diversion at difficult times in your family life. Tablets like iPads can be fantastic for kids if you download some games and TV shows if you’re going on a long journey - a few Paw Patrol episodes can make the difference between your toddler crying loudly through a long haul flight or being soothed to sleep by their favourite characters. And of course, once they’re asleep you can use the iPad to catch up on Scandal!

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats can adjust your heating without you having to do a thing, figuring out what temperature you like your house at and adjusting its controls accordingly. Small wireless sensors get placed in each room so it can figure out what temperature your home is, and work out how it should be heated based on that.

A Roomba

A Roomba is a little like a combination of a vacuum cleaner and a friendly yet quiet household pet as it zooms gently around cleaning your floors. The devices contain a number of sensors that allow them to detect dirty patches of floor, to steer around obstacles, and to return to its charging station when it’s starting to run out of juice. If you aren’t a big fan of cleaning and you want to save a little time from vacuuming your floors, a Roomba is absolutely for you.

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