Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Poorly Pet: How to Deal with Animal Health

Having a pet is one of the best things you can do for your family. It gives everyone a best friend. Whether you choose a dog or a cat, maybe even a horse or a hamster, you will see very quickly just how special this new being becomes.

Some of us have had pets throughout our lives and know the horrible feeling of helplessness and loss when they become ill. Not knowing if they are in pain or suffering. Having to make the terrible decision to let them go. It is an inevitability of pet ownership, at some point we will have to say goodbye.

Having a cat comes with all kinds of issues. Our feline companions tend to spend most of their time out of our sight. They can roam the streets and prowl through the gardens without us keeping our eye on them. As a result, they are pretty prone to injury. We are going to talk about pet insurance a lot in this article. However, when it comes to cats we suggest that you don’t just think about a pet insurance policy, you take one out. Think of it more as an accident protection policy, for when you cat goes out, starts a fight with a bigger cat, comes home with a tooth stuck in his head, or chases a mouse across the road without even thinking about it and gets clipped by a car.

Cats are prone to far more accidental injury than dogs, as such it is vital you either have enough money to pay the vet bills, or you insure your animal. If you don’t have much money, then it is deemed irresponsible pet ownership for you not to have an insurance policy. If you can’t afford to make your pet better, the only other option is to put them down. That isn’t fair or humane at all.
Cats tend to suffer more injuries than dogs although that doesn’t mean your dog is immune to injury.

It is vital you train your dog to listen to you at all times, that you are the alpha in the pack, this is for his safety. Dogs who do not listen to their owners are likely to chase after cats or small animals meaning they could get knocked by a car; they can also get into a fight with an aggressive dog. When a dog gets injured through accident, it tends to be far more costly than with a cat. Dog bites can become very infected and cause a lot of issues, so the vet will want to open up the wound and clean it, this often involves a general anesthetic which could lead to an expensive bill. Some people choose not to insure their dog; they believe the risk of injury is far less.  If you haven’t insured your pet and you get a massive vet bill after an emergency then you do have the option of personal loans for homeowners, however, you need to be confident you can obtain this credit. Otherwise, you may find yourself in debt with the veterinary practice.

Of course, it isn’t just accidents your pets have that can cause poorly health. There are lots of other ailments that can make our beloved friends sick.

Tapeworm, heartworm, and lungworm are all severe issues for dogs. It is important that you apply the prevention is better than cure sentiment here as it is very easy to stop your pets suffering from any of these conditions. Your vet can supply you with a wormer which you must give to your dog or cat regularly and throughout its whole life.  Fleas and ticks are another issues for our pets. A flea infestation is not only awful for your home, but they also carry diseases and can spread them easily from species to species. Ticks can carry terrible diseases such as Lyme’s disease; this will kill your beloved pet. Using a proper treatment every few weeks will ensure your dog doesn’t become a walking flea circus. It is vital you stay on top of these things.

What we feed our pets will also have a serious effect on their health. There are lots of human foods which are poisonous to dogs; raisins can cause severe renal failure. Unfortunately, your pooch will happily eat anything you offer him so make sure you explain to your children not to feed your dog and if you are worried they may be too young to understand, don’t allow your kids to eat the products which are toxic to dogs until they can understand. A cheese and pickle sandwich dropped by your son or daughter isn’t great for doggie nutrition, but it's not going to be as damaging as chocolate or raisins.

Unfortunately, there does come the point where our pets will pass away and sadly, most of us will have to make the decision. This can be very traumatic for the children and you.

Making a choice to have a family member put to sleep is one that should be decided on two simple things. Firstly, are they in pain? Secondly, if you can control the pain, will they live a high quality of life or just a sustained life. There are plenty of cats and dogs on the internet who have had limbs removed and survived to live brilliant lives, however, this depends on the extent of the injury, the age of the animal and any associated risks with operations or future medications.

You have the power to protect your pet from any more suffering, and this is a very special gift to give them. It is hard to say goodbye to a friend, especially one who has been so loyal, however keeping them alive because you are sad isn’t a valuable reason. You need to do whatever is best for them.

It is a hard but very rewarding experience when you invite a pet to join your family. You should value your role as master as highly as your role as a parent. Ensuring you protect the life of your pet as you would your children.

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