Friday, 24 March 2017

Why You Should Consider a Dog

If you have children then you are bound to be discussing pets every month at least.  From a hamster to a horse and all that is in between.  Children love animals and who can blame them.  However, whilst you may be saying no each and every time they bring the subject up, there is one animal which could change all of your lives. 

The dog is known as man’s best friend for good reason.  He really is.  A dog will offer council when you don’t even realise you need it.  He will listen to all of your problems and love you regardless of what mood you are in.  They act as security for your kids and all they ask in return is for you to treat them well, feed them and maybe chuck them a luxury dog bed.  Although if you don’t, your bed will be just fine.

Anyway, here are 10 great reasons you should consider a dog.   

1: When you drop food on the floor, they will eat it. So you probably will find yourself vacuuming less.  However you may want to remember they will happily take your sandwich straight from your hand.  So keep them away from the table at dinner time.  

2: They force you to exercise. Dogs like to go for walks. It gives you the perfect excuse to get out and get fit.  You may also find the more you walk, the sooner you naturally want to run! It’s worth a go.

3: They are always happy to see you. Dogs get so excited when they see you.  Even if you have just nipped out to the bins.  You will return home to a greeting like you are one of The Beatles.

4: When you are home alone you have someone to talk to.  This may sound strange but as your children grow old and start to get social, you are going to be left in a quiet house a lot.  Yeah, sounds blissful now, but actually it is really hard to get used to the silence.

5: A dog teaches your children responsibility. Especially if you give them jobs such as feeding, topping up the water bowl or taking pooch for walks.  Also, dogs tend to enjoy chewing things, so anything left where it shouldn’t be will probably get chewed.  A great lesson in tidying up.

6: The above can teach your children about anger control.  You can’t be cross when it is your fault.

7: Ever tried a dog hot water bottle? They are the warmest things on earth.  In winter, you are going to love this.

8: Kids learn about taking care of someone other than themselves.

9: There is nothing your dog won’t know about you, the kids or your husband.  And he will keep it all a secret.

10: Dogs love you like you are the best person ever. What’s not to like about that?

Dogs really can bring a family together and give your children a best friend for life.  So next time the kids start pestering you, why not think about it.  You might just bring family member into your life that completes your world.

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