Thursday, 20 April 2017

Gifts Every Man Will Love

Men are famously difficult to buy for, but this is a bit misleading. It’s not that they’re fussy about what they receive; it’s that they don’t really care what they get. However, don’t think that all gifts are all created equally, because they’re not - some will most definitely prick the interest of the male receiver. And in fact, you might say that it’s amazingly simple to buy for men, so long as you stick to a few tried and tested gifts.


Simple Joys

What do men really want? Well, for starters they wouldn’t mind if they can have a free pass to do what they want. A lot of their time is taken up by spending time doing things they have to do. Men don’t mind the parties, shopping, and restaurants, but it’s not really how they’d choose to spend their time. They want to be spending time watching the sports game or having a few beers with friends. When it comes to giving a gift, one of the best you could get is simply giving them a pass to do whatever they want for the weekend! They’ll love it more than any tie, we’re sure.


If letting them stay at home to watch a game just doesn’t seem special enough, you could always look at getting them tickets for an event that you know they’ll love. This could be two tickets [they can take who they want...but they’ll take you!] to see their favorite sporting event, or it could be front row tickets to see their favourite band perform live. Everyone loves going to events, and even more so when all the details are organised by someone else.

The Keepsake

The gifts so far have been nice, but they’re pretty temporary. If you want to get something that’ll last longer than just one weekend, look at and get them a piece of jewelry that they’ll cherish forever. It could be a chain or a ring; whichever you think would suit them more. In the future, this could become a family heirloom, making it a gift that gives again and again.

For The Home

Every home needs a woman’s touch, but that doesn’t mean that men wouldn’t like to have their own special corner to call their own, one where they can relax either by themselves or with friends. Take a look at and try your hand at creating a space you know they’ll love. You don’t even have to create it yourself; the permission for them to do it will be enough.

The Big One

For those really big celebrations [like 5oth birthday/retirement], you could make all their dreams come true and invest in the car they’ve always had their eye on. They’re unlikely to splash the cash on it themselves, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it - they’re just being sensible! Take the decision out of their hands, buy it, put a bow on it, and present - they’ll love it.

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