Saturday, 1 April 2017

How to Make Your Dog into the Perfect Family Member

Over time, your dog will probably become your favourite family member. She doesn’t talk back like your teenagers, she doesn’t complain about taking the trash out like your husband, and she doesn't leave nearly as much Lego lying around underfoot as your six year old does. But the connection between a dog and her family isn’t as instant as you’d like it to be - even though you clapped eyes on her in the animal shelter and knew she was the one for you, it isn’t always easy to connect with a new canine family member. Here are some tips to help…

Spend Time With Her

First and foremost, it’s impossible to get to know someone that you haven’t spent much time with, and the same is absolutely true of dogs as well. When you rescue a new dog, you need to make sure that you have a couple of days off work to bond with her well and to reassure her that she’s perfectly safe in your presence. After that, it’s still important to make sure that you spend a lot of time with your pup - take her out on walks, spend time patting and stroking her, teach her fun tricks, and make sure that when you’re together, you focus your whole attention on her.

Train And Socialise Her

In order to keep a dog safe and happy, she needs to be well trained. If you aren’t hugely experienced with dogs, it’s a good idea to take her to a company like for some tips and advice for you as well for your pet. Training will enable your dog to walk safely on the leash, to come back to you when you call her, spend time with other dogs without getting uncomfortable or snappy, and to do things like sit and roll over on command. Make sure that you have plenty of dog treats up your sleeve to reward her with.

Find Dog Friendly Activities

It’s important that you take a look around in your local area to find activities that you can take your dog to, so that she doesn’t get left out at weekends when you and your family are all spending time together. Instead of flying away for your vacation why not rent a house instead near your nearest body of water, and drive down there with your dog in the back seat? In the meantime, check out what businesses nearby allow dogs on their terraces, and check out all your local dog parks.

Accept Her For Who She Is

Finally, you have to remember that every single dog is different in personality and temperament and you will never be able to force your dog into the mould of what you think a perfect dog will be like. Some dogs don’t enjoy playing catch, other dogs aren’t particularly into long walks, some dogs will be very fussy eaters, others may be more high strung or relaxed than you’d expected. Like people, each dog will have their individual personality, which means that you need to love and accept your pup for who she is.

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