Friday, 7 April 2017

Let the Sunshine in: Revamping Your Back Yard this Spring

As the weather starts to get better, we’re all thinking more and more about how much we’d like to be outside so that we can appreciate the beautiful sunshine and, if we’re lucky, our own outdoor spaces. Even if you don’t have much space outside, there are still things you can do to make sure that you and your family enjoy it this spring...

Add An Entertaining Space

First of all, it’s time to add a space that you can enjoy with guests this summer. Inviting friends, families and loved ones over for barbecues and a couple of beers as the sun goes down is one of the most joyful things that you can do all summer - you can sit back, watch your kids play in the sprinkler, and eat a great burger in the knowledge that life will never be much better than this. Make sure that you have a small terrace so that you can put out a table and chairs where people can comfortably eat, along with a grill where you can make some food. It’s also a good idea to make sure that you have an umbrella where older people and younger children can relax in the shade.

Consider A Water Feature

Why not consider a water feature in your back yard? If you have kids it’s important to make sure that it’s carefully fenced off so they can’t get to it and potentially trip over into it, but if you don’t have to be too vigilant then it’s the perfect way to add some peace and beauty to your back yard. Not only is the sound of water rippling gentle and relaxing, but water will also attract some beautiful wildlife like birds to your back garden - and some less beautiful wildlife like frogs and newts! If you have a pond, make sure that you keep it in good condition using a filter like an Oase filtoclear, and if you have a bird bath, keep topping it up all summer.

Plant Fruits And Vegetables

Finally, even if you’ve never done it before, now is the time to start planting some fruits and vegetables. Even if you’ve never kept a plant alive in your life, why not try to start now? There’s very little in life that’s more satisfying than eating an apple off your very own tree, or biting into a sweet, juicy tomato that you grew yourself. Providing for yourself and your family feels fantastic - and it’s also an incredibly relaxing hobby. Pick out some easier fruits and vegetables like the afore mentioned apples and tomatoes to start with, along with some strawberry plants and perhaps even some raspberries. You could also go for some string beans - if you grow a lot of them you can freeze them and use them to cook with through the winter. Finally, why not consider growing an herb garden? Go with about three to start with, like lavender, chives and rosemary, and start building up your repertoire so you don’t have to buy any more half wilted bags of basil from the store any more.

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