Thursday, 13 April 2017

Say Goodbye to Stains for Good

There is nothing worse than ruining a carpet, item of clothing, or piece of furniture by staining it. Even if the item is otherwise in good condition, the mark could be very unsightly and could mean that you need to spend money on replacing the whole thing. And, unfortunately, no matter how much you try to wash and clean the stain, you might find that it doesn’t seem to improve things.

Well, actually, that might be because you aren’t cleaning the stain with the right product. Here are some great tips and tricks that you can use whenever you are faced with another stubborn stain!

Grass Stains

Grass stains can be extremely difficult to treat, and they are very often the bane of most mother’s lives. No matter what kids have been doing outside - whether playing football or simply going for a walk - you will normally always find one on their clothes once they return! One of the best things you can do is apply some rubbing alcohol to the stain before the clothes go in the wash. Let the alcohol air dry and then pop it into the washing machine. This will make it easier for your detergent to lift off the dirt.

Wood Stains

Lots of people think that it isn’t possible to remove stains from wood. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with them too often as wood can be very hard to stain. One of the most common stains on it, though, is from iron. But this can easily be removed by applying a wood bleach. You can click here to see information about on various websites. If you notice some small stains on the wood that don’t look like iron marks, you can try gently rubbing in toothpaste to them. You might be surprised to see the paste lift the mark right off!

Wine Stains

Everyone panics when they accidently spill wine onto their carpet! But it doesn’t automatically mean that the flooring is ruined. You just need to act fast so that the stain doesn’t set. First of all sponge on some cold water onto the mark and leave this to set for around thirty minutes. This will prevent the wine from drying into the carpet. It’s also worth mixing in some white vinegar if you have some, as this will also prevent the stain from setting and will help to dissolve it.


Blood Stains

Mothers will also know just how common blood stains are on clothes as well as grass stains! Just like with wine, you need to act very fast when it comes to blood. Be sure to soak the stain well in plenty of cold water and then rub with soap. Diluted ammonia is also great at removing heavy blood stains. It’s also useful to add some stain remover to the mark before the garment goes in the wash, as this will help the detergent.

So next time you spot a stain on something, don’t panic straight away. As you can see, these very common culprits shouldn’t ruin any of your things, and are very cleanable!

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